Monday, January 30, 2017

Today at UCI: IVC alum takes leadership role

UC Irvine student Zeina Mousa [IVC alum] speaks through a megaphone during an on-campus protest Monday against President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration restrictions. Kevin Chang | Daily Pilot
from the LA Times:

UCI demonstrators protest Trump's orders on immigration


When members of the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine saw protesters descending on international airports in cities such as Los Angeles and New York over the weekend, they began to organize their own rally to show solidarity with demonstrations nationwide against President Trump's executive order to temporarily bar citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States....
UCI Chancellor Howard Gilman released a statement Saturday saying: "UCI has 154 students and scholars from these countries. ... I want to express my deep concern for our students, scholars and others who will be personally affected by this order. I agree with the statement today by the Association of American Universities that the order 'is already causing damage and should end as quickly as possible.'"

Zeina Mousa and friends, proud graduates of IVC. 2015
Now is the time to stand with them with our bodies and voices.

Has anyone heard a peep from our administration at the college or district level?



Anonymous said...

When either president at either college hides in his office, we'll not hear a peep.

Anonymous said...

This is just unnecessary madness created by liberal Democrats. Where were all these concerned students and protests when Obama banned entry of people from the same 7 countries in 2011 for 6 months, 'eh?

Anonymous said...

Here's Snopes on your assertion Anon:

Anonymous said...

Snopes is not a legitimate source, extreme left wing.

Anonymous said...

Now, 4:30, you've lost what minimal credibility you once enjoyed.

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