Saturday, December 17, 2016

It’s like Trumpville around here

            For quite some time now, I’ve been very busy caring for my parents, who are elderly and, well, hard to care for. I’ve been preoccupied even. Outta touch.

            Still, I hear things, see things.
            I hear that the permanent VPI hire here at IVC will wrap up soon. Will Chris McDonald (acting VPI) get the job, despite his lack of experience? The way hires go around here, anything’s possible.
Persistent hinkitude, man. It’s like Trumpville around here. They do what they want. The rules mean nothing.
            I’m sure you’ve all heard about that instructor at OCC who opined negatively about Mr. Trump (how could she not?). A student secretly taped that and created a video that went viral. The Loutisphere went apeshit like it does.
YAF poster
            A few months ago, a similar episode occurred down at Saddleback College, when an instructor, appealing to board policy (created by our right-wing board that was miffed by all that student free speechifyin’), ripped down some unauthorized, and arguably inappropriate, 911 posters. Naturally, the local YAF louts videoed that and, natch, the context-less video went viral among the rabid and stupid right-wingers of America. Soon, Saddleback’s Facebook page was full of the usual rude, violent, and clueless remarks. "Libtard," "c*nt," etc.
            Natch, Saddleback threw that instructor under the bus, leaving those remarks for all to read, inviting the key YAF kid to say the pledge at the 911 event, and so on. We did what we could to support the instructor here at DtB. We got the union on the case too, though that yielded the usual nada. Way to go, FA. The contract isn’t everything, you know.
            On Thursday, the IVC Academic Senate (the Senate represents faculty concerning academic matters) acted to support that instructor and the efforts of the OCC Academic Senate—they didn’t throw their instructor under any bus—to defend Academic Freedom/1st Amendment rights. I’m happy to say that that went down without controversy.
            I’m feeling so oddly patriotic these days, especially after Nov. 8. I feel the need to express my special neopatriotism.
            I put up a Canadian flag outside my office in the new Liberal Arts Building. (I was born in Canada, you know.) A big maple leaf.
            Then a Mexican flag. Yep. It’s big.
            Yesterday, Rebel Girl got me a Peace flag as a X-mas present. Maybe I’ll put that up too. Will it piss anyone off? Sure hope so. Glenn doesn't like anything edgy. Anything, um, collegiate
            That reminds me! Tell us what you know about the “investigations” that seem to be going on at the colleges these days. C’mon. Spill some beans why doncha?
            And Roquemore just got a new three-year contract.
            Yep, just like Trumpville.


Matt Fleetwood said...

Fortunately for us here at Portland State University in Portland, OR there is at best minimal support for Trump. There was an incident with a neighbor of ours that happened recently on campus, though. She was walking across the grounds of the Hoffman building when a Trump supporter approached, filmed, and asked her if she wanted to be on "TrumpTV", and what she thought of the election. He allegedly also began making sexually explicit comments about her and when she pulled her phone out to call the police, he grabbed it and threw it to the ground so he could step on it. My girlfriend and I know this woman, she is a nice person. She wouldn't be motivated to make up these claims. Here's a link to the full story:

It still amazes me people like this exist, let alone in an area mainly inhabited by liberal-minded people. As a result Trump supporters here for the most part are relatively scared for their safety.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Roy, you've been missed. Sorry to hear about your parents.

Bob Cosgrove said...

Part of our life's cycle. Your folks cared for you and your sister. Bear up and let Bren and me know if we can do anything for you and them?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Roy. I'm sorry to hear about your parents. I've been there. It's a rough road, but such an honor and privilege to care for them through end of life. They will know they are loved.

Anonymous said...

Although it was not announced to the staff, former IVC dean of business sciences and vocational education during the 1980s, Clella Wood, passed away in September. Some will remember her as a hard worker who supported faculty and energetically promoted the college.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Clella. May she rest in peace.


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