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Anonymous said...

With all the employees in the Marketing Department, you would think that one of them could spell. Since the promotion of Diane to Executive Director and the proposed upgrade for another management job in the Marketing Department, maybe the hiring committee could insist on a candidate that actually had qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least this totally embarrassing program brochure didn't get out to the Trustees, Guests from the District and Saddleback, plus our own faculty and staff...OH WAIT! IT DID!

Anonymous said...

This happens all the time. Unfortunately the attitude of Publications prevent us from just laughing and moving on. Is "holier than thou" the right phrase?

Anonymous said...

Don't criticize Diane or the Department for if you do you will fee the wrath of the President. (Yes there is retaliation if you speak out about issues)

Anonymous said...

I think Roy and Rebel Girl are most familiar with that wrath.

Anonymous said...

This photo was previewed on Facebook over the weekend. I was well prepared for a likely post here on 'Dissent the Blog.'

Several years ago, I worked in the Outreach Department. One day I was sending a very large group email to a group of new students I had been previously writing. Instead of writing "IVC Welcomes High School Students" I wrote "IVC Welcomes High Students." Instead of hitting that final key, I caught the error at the last second and can still recall the cold sweats even as I write this today. Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of this near error or would have happily posted it today for all of you to enjoy.

Last month, I made an error on a contract that happily I caught. The change order is now going through the approval process and error is fixed.

I suppose I could continue to list my errors, but (thankfully) for the sake of time I shall pass.

If you choose to flog me publicly for the errors I have made and have listed here or for the errors I have been involved in over the past 30+ years, I invite you to so.

This post implies a back-story that is going on and maybe at some level individuals believe that therefore this post is warranted. I disagree and believe you are actually sending a inappropriate message to new employees and much worse than any typo (yes, just a typo) would provide.

I would be remiss if I did not thank this blog for the many years of providing light to situations where no other light was available. In this, I am grateful.

This particular post provides no light whatsoever. Its about a typo and a group of folks publicly shaming other folks over a typo.

I hope this blog can rise above such trite and in the future provide light again for all of us who truly welcome it.

Thank you for listening,
Susan Sweet
Senior Operations Planning Specialist
Facilities and Maintenance

Roy Bauer said...

Susan, I did not post this image, but I think doing so (and without commentary) was entirely appropriate. Obviously, whoever committed this typo error knows how to spell “employees.” And I think it is obvious to most that a single typo error, in and of itself, means nothing. Meanwhile, so much else is wrong with certain areas on campus, and I think people view this amusing goof as symbolizing all of that. —Roy

Anonymous said...

Susan should know that things in Marketing are well beyond a "typo" error. if she doesn't, then she is out of touch with the problems that plague the department and have impacted all of this campus. It's a lovely commentary, but unfortunately without merit.

Anonymous said...

Typos here and there aren't the issue. The marketing department is charged with creating high quality work that reflects well on the college. Diane was just given a large raise on what was already a competitive salary. Surely somebody in her department had to have noticed this obvious and noticeable error. Even if the booklets had already been printed when the error was noticed, redo the artwork and print again. Better to do that and save face than embarrass the department and administration.

Diane is obviously not proofing the work produced by her staff, which is a problem, especially in light of her raise. This does not reflect well on her.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Susan Sweet, but she is out of touch with the issues in Marketing and is attempting to gloss over the problems with her lengthy discourse which proves nothing.

Anonymous said...

she is Diane's frend Oops a typo!

Anonymous said...

Susan, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla....lots (and lots) of words, little facts.

And you needn't thank us for listening, because you lost us after the 3rd paragraph about an error you made last month....who cares, it has nothing to do with the nightmare in Marketing.

If you're going to write a lengthy report, at least get around the campus and get some facts.

Anonymous said...

Susan is a nice person with good intentions but in this instance, misguided on the issues in Marketing that are impacting the campus.

Anonymous said...

I guess Dianess, Brendass & Britneyss were too busy triple checking their bank accounts.


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