Saturday, August 20, 2016

Preview of Monday's Board Meeting: the budget, parking structures, Basic Aid allocations

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!
     Recently, and as usual, district denizens received a link to the agenda of Monday’s (August 22) meeting of the SOCCCD Board of Trustees (BoT). Here's a preview.

     This item is from the 5:00 p.m. closed session. Make of it what you will:

      The open session starts at 6:30, natch.
      Here are elements taken from each of the college presidents' reports:
Burnett's report: "17 new full-time faculty...."
Roquemore's report: "The morning began with breakfast...."
     There are two "discussion" items for Monday's meeting:
     Item 4.1 is a report of "Basic Aid Allocation Recommendation for FY 2016-2017."
     Here's the PowerPoint:
     Here's one among many graphics from the presentation:

Ain't basic aid wonderful?
     Item 4.2 concerns the District-wide Parking Study Report. Here are the "key findings":

At IVC, the annual fee for student parking is now $80.
At UCI, student parking is literally ten times more expensive.
In our future, apparently.
     No surprises there.
     Here's the first part of the long list of recommendations:

     There're no big surprises among the consent calendar items, I guess.

     General action item 6.1 is approval of the FY 2016-2017 Adopted Budget.

     Links are provided:
     Item 6.3 is curious: "Conduct a public hearing to provide an opportunity for the disciplinary matter [concerning a Saddleback College student] to be discussed in public session":

     Golly, what did this student do (allegedly)?

     This was in one of the attachments to item 6.9, Academic personnel actions:

Donald Trump's call for poll watchers brings back fears of 1988 Santa Ana
(LA Times)
     (Oddly, this article fails to mention [future SOCCCD trustee] Tom Fuentes’ key role in all this.)


Anonymous said...

Saddleback got 17 new faculty, we got breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Well duh. If Craig and Glenn and not been so unproductive in the quest for enrollment there would be money left over for new faculty.

The Trumpian @ IVC

"If I am doing a business lunch, I like Javier’s. The food is fantastic and service is business schedule sensitive. It can be loud...