Monday, May 16, 2016

The May meeting of the SOCCCD Board of Trustees: $17K Palm Springs stay for Administrators/Managers

     [See Tere's Board Meeting Highlights.]
     6:27 - no sign of the trustees yet. The meeting is supposed to start at 6:30. As you know, the board held a special meeting today at 4:00 p.m. (See agenda.) 
     6:29 - I've looked over the agenda for tonight's regular meeting. No "discussion" item tonight. Whew!
     Today's special meeting concerned "ATEP County of Orange Amended and Restated Land Exchange Agreement, Ground Lease and ATEP Report."
     Good grief. Will it never end?
     6:33 - VC Fitz just handed me the pamphlet that went along with the 4:00 presentation concerning ATEP. She directed me to some pages. Gosh thanks!
     I see that ATEP's "mission" is "to offer applied education and training programs in current and emerging technological careers driven by innovative business, industry and education partnerships."
     The vision? "As the premier center of career-technical education in OC, ATEP will prepare students in current and emerging technological careers for a globally competitive economy." —As usual, these things sound pretty buzz-wordular and trendy, as though they were written by marketing people, not academics.
     Looks like the toxicity of soil and water at the site remains a sticking point. The Navy will continue remediation. The "Navy's most recent estimate on when fee title can be transferred if additional testing is required is late 2018."
Students hangin' at the ATEP pond
     The report comprises sections in terms of "categories":
Land Use - Category 1 - Educational (51% minimum)
Allowed uses, Supportive uses
[Partial list of supportive uses: minor retail, post office, administrative offices, medical clinics, lab/offices for applied research, testing and consulting, industrial/commercial business incubators, commercial studios.]
Land Use - Category 2 - Non-educational (49% maximum)
Allowed Uses
[Allowed: income producing, including private sector uses as defined and allowed under the Tustin Specific Plan.]
Land Use - Category 2 - Non-Educational (49% maximum)
Prohibited Uses
 [Partial list: shopping or commercial strip malls over 15,00 sf, hotels and motels, thrift stores, flea markets, farmers market, auto sales, residential (except student housing), drive-through use, live entertainment....]

     The range of "potential bldg sq footage" has "increased." It was 893,851. The potential top end is now 1,710,780 (100% educational). Somehow, this 100% education sf figure involves: 51% education, 49% non-education, max = 1,087,000 sf. (Don't ask me what this means, I dunno.) [END]

And here we thought he was
gonna get canned!
     6:54 - I just spotted trustee TJ Prendergast, sporting his newly bald head. He looks mighty sheepish. He got scalped "for children's cancer." He's big on that sort of thing. One year he grew a mustache contra cancer or something.
     6:55 - Board Prez Tim Jemal just arrived, along with Chancellor Gary Poertner--and now Trustee Terri Whitt.
     6:57 - Dave Lang and Marcia Milchiker just arrived. I do believe I spotted Babs Jay earlier, but I could be wrong.
     Looks like they could be starting soon!

     6:59 - They reconvene. Lang is asked to report any actions in closed session. "Yes, 7/0, approved resignation of classified employee at IVC."
     Prendergast does "invocation." Refers to commonness of children's cancer. Moment of silence.
     Pledge of Allegiance
     Swearing in of new student trustee, Johnathan Forde. Big smiles all around.
     Photo op, applause.

     Public comments. There are two requests. First, Jan Mastrangelo. I think she's with Saddleback's classified senate.
     She comes up, backed by three classified employees (I assume). Classified employees week. Talks about "everyday heroes." A trip to Washington, D.C. Refers to successful negotiation of collective bargaining agreement. Wants to recognize the "everyday heroes" who were on the team. Mentions Bugay, Lorch, Doolittle, Quach, Cooper, et al. "People don't realize the amount of work that's involved in this." Mentions some U.S. history.... Blah blah blah. Thanks you all. Applause.

Board Reports:

Nurse pinning and, um, candle burning
     TJ Prendergast: went to OC School Board event. Presentation about a failure to ready students for something. (He seemed skeptical.) My hair is growing back in--wife's happy about that. Large amount of money collected, etc. Looks forward to Commencement.
     Babs Jay: attended 9 events. The Saddleback Vet program--best program in the nation, founded by Tod Burnett. Many across the country visit our campus. Tod Burnett named "administrator/manager of the year" by somebody. May 10 Foundation board committee meeting. 558 Scholarships will be given, amounts to $452K. IVC's special services recognition program on Friday. A wonderful breakfast was served. Many students recognized. Attended nurse pinning ceremony. Went to Saddleback Foundation event, included special Bill Jay scholarship. A very special event, great event. Wonderful.
     Timothy Jemal: attended nurse pinning ceremony, exciting and enthusiastic affair, as always. Males actually got some awards, he notes. (Har har.) Spoke at Saddleback Scholarship awards event. Wants to thanks especially Tod Burnett, his leadership: "tireless work ethic in the community." Golly, they seem to be falling all over themselves praising the Todster (who is absent).
     James Wright: attended about seven events, most very well done. Attended OC School Board Association. Richard Holly, speaker. Women seem to be awarded most degrees these days. Holly explained his research. Ideas about helping young men, boys to succeed. Attended Vets end-of-year celebration. Special recognitions. Attended Cinco de Mayo event. Makes special note of college wide recognition of faculty and staff, informal celebration. One award in particular: IVC robotics activities group. "They won first place in the ground robot division...first responders...structural collapse." Competition held in April. Gave him a decal--that, in turn, Wright now gives to Tim Jemal, who seems bewildered.
     Dave Lang: Congrats to former student trustee Mommand. Good wishes to Johnathan Forde, new trustee. We've had wonderful student trustees, he says. We'll be recognizing a number of employees in a resolution today. Congrats to all individuals that will be mentioned there. Prez Roquemore's report: mentions various faculty. Recognized by UCI, named by transfer students--influenced their academic achievement when the went on to UCI. "Very meaningful, as far as I'm concerned." Looking forward to Commencement.
     Marcia Milchiker: attended 20 events! She reads through list. Lariat open house, One College One Book, etc. IVC student debate presentation. Newly tenured faculty event at IVC. Cinco de Mayo. Etc. She runs through list, hurriedly, in her inimitable Marcia-esque manner.
     Terri Whitt: quickly for the sake of time, she says. Networking session of OC board of Ed, blah blah blah. Tried to make it to IVC recognition event. Attended nurse pinning events. "Every single pinning ceremony comes with more integrity, more fun." Saddleback Foundation retreat. It was valuable.
     Jemal introduces student trustee Forde, who speaks. Attended student government award ceremony at IVC. Attended various events. Thanks all of the students for allowing him this opportunity to serve as trustee. Looking forward to it. Wants to serve the needs of students.

     Chancellor's Report: Gary Poertner: a large number of end-of-year activities. It's always a rush. Wants to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees (3600 of 'em) to help those students who are sitting in those chairs. Particularly the faculty. Those who won't teach during the summer, I wish you well, hope you come back refreshed!

     Prez Glenn Roquemore (IVC): blah blah blah. Introduces a new director, who stands. He reads the usual biographical factoids.
     Prez Tod Burnett (couldn't attend). Somebody (Juan) pinch hits. Highlights the scholarship event. 450 students received scholarships! Major increase. Employee/student recognition on Wednesday (this is a new thing). Commencement: the ultimate celebration of student success. Welcomes new student trustee.
     Saddleback College student government kid thanks everybody. Now I can go to UC Berkeley, he says. I've learned so much, I'm very grateful. Our big needs at Saddleback: facilities, the cafeteria, some restrooms need repair, the vet center (too small). Hopes the stadium will be built. Very excited about water refill station project. Thanks Tod Burnett for great help. Thanks Marcia Milchiker for attending events. "Go Gauchos," he says, upon Jemal's prompting. Some kinda inside joke.

     No board requests for reports. Haven't forgotten about Workday, says Jemal. Report will be given at June meeting. Due to the ATEP hearing today, we had to delay this.

     No discussion item.

     Now: consent calendar. Jemal pulls 5.5. [Turns out it's been removed.] Others: 5.13, 5.2, 5.14, 5.19. Balance is approved. Unanimous yes vote.

     5.2 - Marcia: instead of reading these resolutions, we put them on consent calendar. (She doesn't like it.) We should recognize these people in public. Let's have this item on the regular agenda so we can blather about it.
     Jemal asks for the Chancellor to address that, since this request (to move the item to consent calendar) came from colleges.
     Gary: the Presidents concurred. Takes a lot of time at a board meeting to read many resolutions as we have here today. Etc. The new recognition events are for this purpose. So that's the rationale. We still give employee of year awards, teaching awards. They are honored at meetings.
     Jemal: you want some kind of public recognition. (Marcia: don't need to read the whole resolution. Yes that takes time.) Prendergast suggests discussing this issue at "Saturday's retreat."
     Unanimous yes vote.
     5.13 - do we have replacement boats? Yes. Unanimous yes.
     5.14 - Marcia: Neudesic involved in this. She's unclear. Guitar boy (Bramucci) explains. Jemal: how much business do we give to Neudesic? Blah blah blah. They vote: unanimous yes.

     5.19 - ADMINISTRATORS AND MANAGERS RETREAT IN PALM SPRINGS. Babs Jay: April contracts. She mentions something about Workday. Fitz explains. A contract with Workday, employ their recruitment module. Jay: was this included in original agreement? No. Hyatt Hotels and Resort mentioned. Why Palm Springs? Fitz: that's the decision of managers' retreat. Jay: sounds like an awful lot of money. Fitz: "yes it is." Juan says something, "that's where we always go." Jay: how many people are going? A: 40 or 50 managers.
     Prendergast: back on Workday thing. Wants to know if it is like such-and-such program. Bugay explains about the module. Recruiting service module. Accessible from our college website. Blah blah blah. Bugay: we use the "registry." State-wide for CCs. They vote: unanimous yes.

General Action Items:

It's not exorbitant at all!
6.1 - consolidated Elections for members of Gov boards. Unanimous yes.
6.2 - District emergency operations plan. Bramucci: have to have on file according to state. They vote: unanimous yes.
6.3 - IVC Barranca Entrance Project. "Long awaited," says Jemal. There's some laughter in the audience. $1.5 million. They vote: unanimous.
6.4 - Board Policy Revision - accept for review, study. Blah blah blah. Unanimous yes.
6.5 - Board Policy Revision - Unanimous yes.
6.6 - Academic Personnel Items. - Unanimous yes.
6.7 - Classified Personnel Items. - Jemal has a question. Could you discuss the reclassification? Roquemore: college has been faced with issues, meeting the "thirst" of our institution for market and outreach. Over 600 jobs in the cue. We're finding it difficult for this dept to keep up with this work. Creates stress. There's an importance to marketing. Trying to solve that problem, did research, worked with outside firm to get combination....
     Jemal: do you feel confident in this? Is it a Reorg? Roquemore: a reclassification, not a reorg. Jemal: OK. Prendergast: the jump in salary range seems high. 16 to 21, 8 to 10. Seems like a big leap. Is it that much more work? How does that work? Roquemore: more work and more responsible work. The dollar amounts are...we've been able to find budget for that. An executive director, similar to foundation ex director. "There's some dollars there," but it's not exorbitant at all. Prendergast: different kind of oversight for new role? Jemal: yes, should be different. Roquemore: will add a report for a total of 12. Will report to me. Jemal: got it. They vote: unanimous.
6.8 - Sabbatical rescindment, a faculty member. Unanimous
6.9 - destruction of records. Marcia: do codes tell you which records are being destroyed? Bugay: we have sophisticated system. Annual item. We're following the laws. Prendergast: is this shredding? Do we do it? Bugay: we do it for the most part. Some electronic. They vote: unanimous.
6.10 - Equal employment opportunity plan. Bugay explains. Lang: how does this plan differ from prior plans? Bugay: we've not had such a detailed plan before. This is the template we're supposed to have across the state. They vote: unanimous.
6.11 - CSEA tentative agreement, master agreement. Move approval. They vote: unanimous.


7.1 - Profs of the year. Juan identifies them. (For names, check out Tere's Board Meeting Highlights in a couple of days.) Wright: praises an instructor: second time he's won. "A wonderful instructor."
7.2 - SC and IVC speakers.
7.3 - Basic Aid report - no changes since last month.
7.4 - Monthly financial status report
7.5 - Facilities plan status report. Brandye suddenly appears, ever-so-slightly less smiley than usual. Wright is worried about some project. Brandye: projected completion date not impacted at this time, she says.
7.6 - Quarterly investment report

8.0 Reports from Admin and Governance Groups

...I'm outa here! [8:04 p.m.]


Anonymous said...

Tod established the VETS' program or was that started by the former president--Rich?

Anonymous said...

$17k to go play and circle jerk. Once again, the haves and have nots. How very obscene!

Anonymous said...

"That's where we always go," says Juan (whoever that is). Is that a rational explanation for spending $17,000 of taxpayers' money on a retreat for 40 or 50 "managers?" That's about $340 a person. There may be some legitimate argument for this. If so, it needs to be explained clearly. But "That's where we always go," is not only obscene, but insulting and a slap in the face to the rest of us. Some years ago, a new Board of Trustees took over claiming overblown administration and fiscal mismanagement. The consequences were horrendous for this district and we're still feeling the emotional upheaval it caused. Lets' not sow the seeds for another "revolution." Countries end up getting the governments they deserve. Sadly, so do districts.

Anonymous said...

Nice try to change the subject from D.O., whose raise is truly obscene and without merit.

Anonymous said...

I know first hand that TOD told his staff that they needed to be with him or else. Nice leadership, huh? Abuse of power. So disgusting!

Anonymous said...

There is 0% excuse for spending that much by Tod Burnett for a SC Retreat. Where is his judgement. Why doesn't the board do something with him? Come on, people!

Anonymous said...

For a year Oaks has desperately tried to get Brenda "the zombie" Costanito a promotion. Each attempt failed because after all she is just a graphic artist and there has not been any earth changes technically or skills in the field. Oaks b.s. her way in having created a new low level manager's position at marketing. I will bet my bottom dollar Oaks will stack the hiring committee in her favor and bypass all folks who do have manager experience and hand the manager's position on a silver platter to Brenda.
Don't have Oaks as the chair of this hiring committee.
Here are some points to think about.
If someone new is hired. Where is that office?
Do you honestly think Oaks will move whiney Brenda back to the graphic workshop? She has had a cushy little office all to herself.
I hope that this all backfires on them.
Oaks cannot be trusted. Needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow 8:48

Anonymous said...

It's Constantino. Complete sociophobe. Dianne is running amok and Glenn likes it that way. When she REALLY does screw up, he can blame her. Used to be Craig, now it's her. What a pathetic way to lead.

Anonymous said...

Sociophobe is right! Constantino locks herself in a dark room all day. You will never see the mumbling Brenda at events socializing with anyone. Oaks wants to make Brenda a manager? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Listen, if you're going to carp about the alleged misdeeds of somebody and name them, then you really should sign your own name to your comment. --Roy Bauer, DtB

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is why Vince is cutting bait, leaving the job he loves to go work in maintenance? Any info about this, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Here it is on the 6/27 board agenda. Item 6.15, ex A, pg.22. Promote Brenda Constantino from Sr. Graphic Designer, range 134 to Creative Services Lead, range 142!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! In a few years she will max out at 102k

Anonymous said...

F U Roy.

Anonymous said...

Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 8:48 knew what he/she was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Vince a bit. Trying to keep his sanity I'm sure.

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