Friday, November 6, 2015

Recognizing IVC's past, part 2


     (Since President Roquemore has evidently decided to scrub the college of its past, we're countering by splattering some old images of the college and its community all over this blog.)

As you can see, these are images from IVC's 1987/1988 Catalog
That's Frank M at right.

President Ron Kong is sitting at top left.

Ah, the old clock tower! (That's Building A100 at left)

I believe that this is the area between A300 and A400, where the "lunch truck" was often parked (prior to construction of the Student Services Building and its Cafeteria).

I recall that this student was popular among faculty and students. Anyone remember her name?

I do believe that that's Bio Instrutor Chris Riegle standing outside his office

Originally, Dave Everett oversaw the library (when it occupied what is now called B100)

Peter Morrison and Rebecca Welch, both important to the development of the college (starting in the seventies!)

The area between A300 and A400
Note the trailers in the background

Art Instructor Jeff Horn

I do believe that's Dixie Massaro

As I recall, the sign we see here identified the building as the home of "Humanites" [sic]

I don't know the woman at left, but that's the formidable Jody Hoy at right

Pat Bell was, I believe, IVC's first Geologist. I shared an office with her for a year or so

Photography Instructor Jerry McGrath

Be sure to check out A brief history of IVC’s Presidency (à la LA Times)
For more old pics, see also IVC’s Pinterest page: IVC then and now
Remembering the old Clock Tower: The replacement Clock Tower adventure


Anonymous said...

Just great!

Anonymous said...

Hey - someone just started posting old photos on the IVC Facebook page! HMMM, I wonder where they got that idea! Now maybe they'll throw another party for the people who actually work here and maybe they'll help Polly too. I do remember when once upon a time if someone was struggling as much as Polly, the college president would say and do something.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good memories!!

Anonymous said...

How is Jody Hoy?

Roy Bauer said...

We wrote about Jody HERE.

Patsy / Word Processing / Technology Services said...

A friend told me you were going back in time -- have seen all the "retro" posted -- they are great, Roy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Roy.

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