Monday, November 9, 2015

Book flap

At Orange County colleges, Cal State Fullerton isn't the only one dealing with faculty-written textbooks (OC Reg)

   …William Vassetizadeh, president of Saddleback College’s Associated Student Government, spent $400 this semester on textbooks – and that’s considered low, he said.
   He recalls one professor requiring students to hand in assignments with worksheets from the textbook attached, essentially forcing students to buy books new. Many courses also have online supplements that require an access code that only comes with a new book – and that can only be used once.
   Some instructors are more understanding than others, said Kevin Sabo, president of the University of California Student Association, which advocates for textbook affordability. Some will allow students to purchase older editions, which tend to be cheaper. Other instructors opt to use course readers, a compilation of materials, which also tend to be more affordable….


Anonymous said...

Yes, why is no one talking about that dismal climate survey?

Anonymous said...

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