Friday, October 2, 2015

Yesterday at Umpqua Community College

Proposal: memorial in the A-quad next Monday.  Number of empty chairs equal to the number of those killed.  A place to leave messages and more.  Let us know if you would like to help with this. 

My kids have been doing these drills since preschool. They talk about them in animated, but not necessarily traumatized, tones. My son used to think it was hilarious to cram himself into a large bathroom with his 19 preschool classmates, plus three teachers. My daughter's favorite lockdowns were in first grade, because they could hide in a soundproof room off their main classroom, which meant their teacher could very quietly read to them to calm their nerves. "Our door isn't soundproof this year," my daughter tells me. "So we have to be silent, so the gunman can't hear us." ...
Not a single morning goes by that I don't drop my son and daughter at school and wonder for a split second — that's all I allow myself — whether they will be murdered by a gunman that day. I know I'm not the only parent who does that. We have become like the sea turtles who entwine pollutants into their nests — accepting and weaving deadly trash into the most sacred parts of our lives.


Anonymous said...

Good idea. I will stop by on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

I will bring flowers.

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