Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our 2nd "banned books" read-out a hit

Brittany and I had to attend a Senate meeting, so we didn't arrive until 4:05,
when things had pretty much wound down. 
Fortunately, Virginia was still in "banned book" mode. I took this pic.

Earlier this morning, Rebel Girl displayed her attire for today's event
Some Humanities Free Speechers
This is our second such event; the first event, a year ago, was a blazing success
Random student fashion shot. She likes books too, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Please post something related to the college shooting that happened in Oregon yesterday... I am tired that nothing is being done at IVC to make us feel safer! Multiple trainings and conversations have achieved nothing to make us feel like we are protected and safe coming to work every morning...

Anonymous said...

Do you want a bullet proof vest and a pistol?
The IVC Campus Police Department works annually with Sherriff and Irvine PD SWAT teams specifically in the area on shooter situations. Does not matter how prepared we are for this type of situation. If a gunman is in a room full of people... someone will be shot.

Rebel Girl said...

See most recent post. Plans underway for an informal memorial in the A-quad on Monday. I am sure the institution will also have a response as well.

Anonymous said...

The reading was a nice event. It's very good to have so many events on campus lately.

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