Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chandos: OC Politicos Squeeze Local Homeowners on Water But Save Developers (Ray Chandos, Voice of OC)


     While these dire warning letters [about water conservation] go out the front door of water districts throughout Orange County, letters of a very different sort quietly slip out the back: “will serve” letters to developers, informing them that there is plenty of water for their projects.
     My water district, for example, will be serving 84 new houses (“Skyridge”) on El Toro Road, and 65 in a new gated tract (“Saddle Crest”) on Santiago Canyon. According to an environmental impact report for the latter, each of the 65 new houses—16 with swimming pools—will consume 2,216 gallons per day, equating to 34,456 glasses of water in the restaurant. Then there’s the “Esperanza Hills” tract near Yorba Linda, approved by county supervisors in June—340 houses, each averaging over 1,000 gallons per day.
     No problem, can do, said the Yorba Linda Water District, meanwhile telling existing customers to cut back 35%....


Anonymous said...

Time to make fresh water out of salt water.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because it's really easy and cheap to do so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was much cheaper and easier to build Hoover Dam in 1931, or bring water up 2,000 feet over the Tehapachi Mountains.

Oh, and that Delta project - the California Water Fix -- that will be cheap and easy, too.

It's time for the United States to join the rest of the world in desalination.

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