Thursday, June 18, 2015

The new "Liberal Arts" building

The once-promised "Humanities Building." (From IVC: then and now)
     The Chancellor has sent his usual pre-board meeting heads up, including a link to the meeting agenda.
     One item that caught my eye: Renaming the A400 Building (at IVC):
ITEM: 6.8 
     The A400 Renovation and Expansion project is expected to finish by August 2015 and open for classes beginning Spring 2016. Under the current naming convention, the building is listed as A400. Renaming the building to Liberal Arts building will improve clarity within the class schedule listings as well as improve campus way- finding. The proposed naming convention is consistent with the recently constructed Life Sciences Building. 
     The Chancellor recommends that the Board of Trustees approve the renaming of the A400 building to Liberal Arts building.
     Though Saddleback College has a "liberal arts" division, IVC has no unit that goes by that name.
     Faculty offices of the new building, on the top floor, will be assigned to members of the School of Humanities (English, History, Philosophy, etc.) and the School of Languages and Learning Resources (languages, ESL, reading).

IVC's Academic Schools & Programs. Liberal Arts?
Nope, it's the "Liberal Arts" Building. No tin roof.
Tin roof, rusted


Anonymous said...

The oppressive 'Saddlebackification' IVC continues with aggressive thrust and no lubrication. Thanks Glenn for 'dying on the vine' for IVC.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Diane Oaks suggested the building name? Along with the Gustavo Arellano Commode Suite?

Anonymous said...

Yes - did they ask the faculty? look at WHO we are and WHAT we teach?

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