Friday, May 22, 2015

Irvine Valley College Commencement (DtB pics)

Happy students ~ Click on photo(s) to ENLARGE

Folks walking to the "terraces"
Seemed like good attendance. A threat of rain was not delivered.

~ See IVC's Facebook Page photos ~
~ See Saddleback College's Facebook Page photos ~
Was an unsunny day

     Not much sun, but it was a good Commencement anyway.
     And no prayer! Thanks, Kathy, et al.
     Gotta have sun for good pics. I did my best.

The Bible as human necessity

     Glenn's handpicked commencement speaker—he was a dean from UCI. He heads up the Engineering School, named after that crooked rich guy.
     He was OK, I guess. Kinda folksy.
     But that Glenn sure can pick 'em, can't he?
     Dean Washington ended his speech by telling us how lucky we all are. Much of the world lacks housing, water, refrigerators, he said. 
     His saved his best factoid for last: "75% of the people of the Earth don't have access to the Bible."
     Did I just hear him say "Bible"? 
     Indeed I did.
     Those poor benighted bastards!

Mark seems to know everybody
The students seemed to have a great time, as usual

Lots of hustle and bustle going on before things got started.
IVC loves its blue and white balloons

On their way to Live Oak Terraces

Lots of cute kids runnin' around.

Some happy district administrators
Trustees—and some guy in charge, it seemed

Tere and I have an old fashioned shoot-out

Lots of families
Trustee Tim Jemal

Guest speaker Gregory Washington, one of Glenn's new pals
(Dean of The Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UCI)

"Hey! Isn't that one of your ex-boyfriends, workin' at that counter?"
(Yet another poor benighted bastard, I guess.)
Student speaker, pretty polished
Little kids just seem to come alive

Mr. Tree, off to the side

"Deanetry," I called 'em
Karima and Mel
Brooke and the Reb
The future of the college

Weird scenes before the ceremony:

These women look pissed
Pre-ceremony giddiness

Still more:

A curious accidental shot of Glenn

Brenda, et al.
Kurt M and trustee Tim J

Her name was Lorelei
She was his only girl
She called him Speedoo
But his Christian name
Was Mr. Earl
She called him Speedoo
But his Christian name
Was Mr. Earl 
Was a sunny day
Not a cloud was in the sky
Not a negative word was heard
From the people passing by
Was a sunny day


Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual.

Anonymous said...

I like the one with Glenn's head framed in the bright blue balloon. Perfection.

Anonymous said...

Terrific pics! They should hire you. Glenn didn't pray over us this time, thank god. (Ha ha ha - that's a joke.) But that was a change, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey that Amy A looks pretty hot in the doctor hat.

Anonymous said...

No prayer! Streamlined ceremony! We still were asked to sing that song no one knows whose lyrics and music we cannot hear!

Anonymous said...

Amy A?

Anonymous said...

Kind of silly speech, but it was a good day.

Anonymous said...

Glenn's head isolated in a blue bubble!

Anonymous said...

Next year no more singing! Nobody cares to sing. Sounds like crap!

Anonymous said...

A bit of classism and sexism in the behind every good man there is a good woman who prevents him from having a "behind the counter job" speech and yes Glenn picked this guy on his own largely outside of process. However, its always fun to celebrate with other faculty to mark the end of another year and to celebrate our students

Anonymous said...

During one of the speeches someone said that with an IVC degree our students will make over $375000 more per year than a high school graduate. Did anyone else catch it?

Anonymous said...

I think they said $375000 more per lifetime than high school

Anonymous said...

10:52, That was the Chancellor who said that and he did say per year.

Anonymous said...

Good photos! I did not appreciate the dig about people who work behind counters. No doubt many of our students and their family members hold such jobs. Har har har.

Anonymous said...

There's a nice photo of you Roy (with Will Glen!) on the college's FB page. (Your photos are much better though.)

Anonymous said...

I love love love your photos. Always do. Thanks for taking them. You have a good eye.

Anonymous said...

a great day in spite of the weather!

Anonymous said...

No attempts at forced prayer this time, finally. Next, drop-kicking the attempts at the grade school recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance!

Anonymous said...

I missed the scholarship awards ceremony because it was held on a day when finals were being held...a problematic choice for students and faculty. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter 9:14, not proud to be an American?

Roy Bauer said...

No idjits, please

Anonymous said...

I'd say 9:14 is proud to not be an asshole. 3:00 definitely embraces the distinction.

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