Tuesday, April 7, 2015

     Trustee Jim Wright: very old school, stubborn. Doesn’t seem to recognize IVC’s existence. Invariably speaks of “our” team or “our” event when referring to anything at Saddleback. Listens hard to nurses, that vast demographic, that tail that wags the dog.
     Trustee Bill Jay: well, he’s dead. Soon to be replaced. God help us!
     Trustee Tim Jemal: the newest and brightest member. Not incorrigible, like the others. Tends to focus on college-private partnerships and the like. He’s the board’s future. Help him if you can.
     Trustee PJ Prendergast: High school teacher and unionist & funny man. He's been drinking the board Kool-ade, it seems, from Day 1, so he's not the working class hero he coulda, shoulda been.
     Trustee Nancy Padberg: very right-wing but has generally learned to play nice with others. Since her accident, seems to be firing not on all cylinders; that situation can’t last.
     Trustee Dave Lang: to paraphrase Lou Reed, “the night has seen your mind, and, inside, you’re twisted and unkind.” A smart and decent guy made ugly & bitter by a fateful decision to kiss Tom Fuentes’ sulfurous red ass (at a crossroads, at midnight, for the secret handshake). There’s no coming back from that, it seems; morally, he’s the walking dead.
     Trustee Marcia Milchiker: wacky but mostly reliable; the buffer between faculty and Trustee Raghu Mathur. Hence, she’s great.


Anonymous said...

Nice assessments Roy...pretty much spot on!

Anonymous said...

Trustee Jim sayz, "if lovin' Saddleback is wrong, I don't want to be Wright."

Anonymous said...

judgemental indeed

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