Wednesday, April 15, 2015

25% of college adjunct faculty get government assistance (Marketwatch)

     A quarter of the growing number of part-timers who are teaching college students need some government help to get by, according to a study from the University of California Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.
. . .
     “It’s shocking, but it’s the reality,” said Carol Zabin, research director at the Center for Labor Research and Education. “Universities are depending much more on part-time and adjunct faculty.”….


Anonymous said...

Probably 50% of walmart employees are on government assistance as well.
Does it pay to earn a graduate degree?
Same ebt cards, same housing, same programs.
Walmart can afford to pay $15 an hour to their employees. The three primary family owners have a combined $150 billion. Having anyone on government assistance is tough no matter the educational level. This country needs a flat tax rate for all.

Anonymous said...

Flat tax is not even close to the answer. A more progressive tax is better--and notice how the Republicans are now all enamored of eliminating the estate tax? They call it the death tax, a la Frank Luntz. So rich little shits get piles of money that was never taxed, per capital gains, in the first place.

Bring out the tumbrils.

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