Women's Studies at IVC, factoidal update #2: only IVC houses WS in Guidance and Counseling

     Given Women's (and Gender) Studies' particular nature, it should surprise no one that these programs are housed in Humanities, Liberal Arts, and the Social Sciences at colleges and universities across the state (and country).
     Factoid #2: only at IVC is WS housed in Guidance and Counseling, a fact that has caused and will cause articulation problems for IVC's WS courses.


Anonymous said…
Read Irvine mayor's comments in the Daily Pilot about the female council majority:

"Choi couldn't let the shift in gender representation go by. "This council is now outnumbered by the ladies. That's a good thing. They are softer than men," he said with a smile. "More lovable."

Anonymous said…
If any of you have time, pull the course outlines from the class schedule. If you want any evidence these courses are not up to date, look no further than the descriptions of the classes....

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