Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Marie de la Palme (1959-2014): An Illuminated Heart

Marie De La Palme-Mulroy, IVC Professor of Dance passed away on December 14 at age 55 after a long struggle with breast cancer. "Madame De La Palme," as she was called by her students, was a wonderful colleague, a generous and radiant presence in the classroom, on the stage and in the world.  She is survived by her husband, son and daughter — and her legions of students and colleagues.

Click on the above video to watch her perform Le Coeur Illuminé (The Illuminated Heart), Choreography: Marie de la Palme. Music: Maurice Ravel, Adagio Movement for Concerto in G Major.

In the Lariat two years ago:

IVC Awards Teacher of the Year : Marie de la Palme

In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be directed to:

Marie de la Palme Memorial Scholarship Fund:






Anonymous said...

A much loved and very classy Lady. IVC just lost some of it's sparkle......RIP

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tribute.

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