Tuesday, November 4, 2014

John Edwards’ exciting opportunity

     Late this morning, IVC President Roquemore sent members of the college community a letter announcing John Edwards’ new job:
     John Edwards, IVC Director of Facilities is the newly established Director of Site Development for Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) within district services....
     Glenn goes on to sing John’s praises.
     John joined IVC in 2000 as the Director of Admissions and Records. In 2008, John joined maintenance and operations as the Director of Facilities, and the transformation of campus appearance under his leadership has been truly impressive. Some of John Edward's major accomplishments during his tenure as Director of Facilities include:
  • Completion of the Business Sciences & Technology Innovation Center
  • Renovation of A-300
  • Renovation of A-100
  • Construction of the new Life Sciences Building
  • The design and groundbreaking of A-400
  • Completion of multiple demolition projects at ATEP
     So, who’ll be in charge of Facilities for the time being?
     With John's departure, effective yesterday, Jeff Hurlbut will serve as acting Director of Facilities and James Bettencourt will act in the Assistant Director capacity.
     As is his custom, Glenn ends with some personal thanks.

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Anonymous said...

More evidence of the fact he is quite tone deaf. Hopefully Hurlbut will improve the climate

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