Monday, September 22, 2014

The Gabriella Assembly District campaign: update

     Our own Wendy Gabriella, who is running for the 73rd Assembly District, sends this update:
     Despite the challenges presented by my opponent, our September 14th fundraiser at Jacks in Dana Point was a tremendous success. Many thanks to AD 73 delegates and Co-Sponsors Rosemarie Allaire and Steve Stewart who pulled everything together after the last minute cancellation [perpetrated by Wendy’s opponent].… 
     My opponent, Bill Brough, is in foreclosure on his home. As of July 21st, he owes over $44,689.82 in back mortgage payments, which raises the obvious question: “If Mr. Brough can’t manage his personal finances, how can voters expect him to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars in Sacramento?” You can read more here:      Team Gabriella is working diligently walking precincts every weekend and phone banking. Absentee ballots will arrive in less than two weeks and we need your help. If you can volunteer for even a few hours, it will make a difference. Lawn signs are also available. Please contact our Campaign Coordinator, Nicole Mok, at 
     Your continued contributions will help get this information out to voters and get the right candidate to Sacramento!  You can donate securely and quickly online at or checks may be mailed to my treasurer at 739 South Walnut Ave, Brea CA 92821.  
In Solidarity, 
Wendy Gabriella 
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Attacking a candidate's personal life. She'll do well in politics. Everyone has skeletons in their closet; be careful your strategy in denigrating your opponent.

Anonymous said...

Um, this isn't a skeleton, you fool. It's a legitimate indication that as he's not capable of making a house payment his ability to manage finances may be limited. Nothing more than that.

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