Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Washington Post pays its respects: Emigdio Vasquez

Artist Emigdio Vasquez in 2005. (Rosemary Vasquez-Tuthill/Via Associated Press)
It's not everyday that an artist whose work hangs at Irvine Valley College is noticed in the pages of the Washington Post.  It is today though.  In the nation's capital, the newspaper of record pays its respects to Emigdio Vasquez.

From "Emigdio Vasquez, pioneer in Chicano art movement, dies at 75" by John Rogers:

Emigdio Vasquez, whose bold use of color, exacting brush skills and uncanny ability to capture everyday people in dramatic moments made him one of the most influential pioneers of the Chicano art movement, died Aug. 9 at an assisted-living home in Newport Beach, Calif. He was 75....
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Blast from the past: 
From the Los Angeles Times, May  1991:

Irvine Valley College will observe Cinco de Mayo with a multimedia presentation Sunday evening in the college's courtyard and Gallery Hall. An exhibition by Emigdio Vasquez, "Treinta Anos de Trabajo," covering 30 years of the artist's work, will be on display through May 17. A new issue of The Elephant-ear, the college's journal of art and writing, featuring Vasquez' work on the cover, will be distributed. Gallery events begin at 6 p.m. with music starting at 8 p.m., performed by the jazz group of Strunz and Farah. The event is free.
Wow - remember those days?  Art, literature, music, culture.


To help Emigdio's family with the cost of his memorial, click here.


Anonymous said...

His IVC mural used to hang in the Student Services building then they moved it. I think it would be fitting for the college to say a few words in his honor. I expect they will. I hope the Lariat covers it as well. He was/is a pretty big deal. Kudos to the Washington Post. Rest in Peace, Mr. Vasquez.

Anonymous said...

I remember those days as if they were yesterday. A big deal, indeed.

Anonymous said...

WaPo - "newspaper of record." Is that supposed to be a joke?

Roy Bauer said...

If you have a point, make it clearly, and then defend it.
This isn't Fox News.

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with 2:46, that to claim WaPo is a "newspaper of record" is laughable. Further, if the blogaderos happen to disagree with a posted comment, they attempt to disqualify it by saying there was no point made. In contrast, if they happen to agree with someone's comments where no point has been made, nothing to backup assertions, bad grammar & spelling, they let all that stuff slide. Bunch of big babies!

Roy Bauer said...

4:16 (and 2:46): the Reb was suggesting only that the Washington Post is a very large and respected news organization--something, therefore, that might be regarded as authoritative. That's what it means to say that such-and-such is the "paper of record."
You focus on this entirely incidental remark about the Washington Post; and you fail to respond to the substance of this post: that Emigdio Vasquez was an important artist and, given that IVC owns one of his murals, the college should make some mention of his passing and its continued possession of this work of art. (At the time of this post, the college had utterly failed to do so.)
Please think before you type. Or go elsewhere.

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