Friday, August 22, 2014

A-100 - besieged by golf carts

Partial view of the scene at 4:20 or so on Thursday.
It was late in the day when Rebel Girl made her way across campus and counted one, two, three, f—  er, somewhere near 12 golf carts (Is that our entire fleet?) surrounding A-100, parking in all manner of places: sidewalks, grassy knoll, embankment. It was a spectacle that managed to even get the attention of students.
The quick photo above taken by Rebel Girl's Android cell phone camera does not do the scene justice.  It looked like a convention or an insurrection or a blockade.  Something big was happening.

One participant who had slipped out to buy coffee at the Ye Olde Coffee Cart alluded to an impromptu impassioned meeting between the college president and those workers with complaints about the recent dramatic change in work hours. The encounter seemed sustained, lasting at least an hour or more.

As she was busy, busy, busy - she can't report on any upshot from the meeting but perhaps our loyal readers can.

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Anonymous said...

Those F&M workers must be plenty steamed.

Anonymous said...

Someone share the upshot please. Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

I think they were told not to say anything. Fingers crossed.

Roy Bauer said...

This story concerns our earlier story:

Anonymous said...

Don't you know it.

Anonymous said...

No I'm sure they have... keep your ear to the campus.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody heard about what's going on.

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