Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wendy's campaign, 73rd Assembly District

     Listen to a recent radio interview of our own Wendy Gabriella, Candidate, 73rd Assembly District:

     Interview. (Show 16, July 12)

     Very informative. Lots of discussion of higher education, the Brown Act, the CA legislature, the minimum wage, etc.

     To contribute to Wendy's campaign, visit Wendy Gabriella for Assembly 2014


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Anonymous said...

What if it were a Republican candidate from your College? Would the dtb groupthinkers be giving him/her a forum and endorsement? If a forum, would it be supportive or lambasting?

Roy Bauer said...

Obviously, we have values, about which we are very open, and, accordingly, some candidates are attractive to us and some are not. 7:42, if you have a point, please make it plainly. If you can.

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