Monday, July 28, 2014

"Secret Boss"

Arnold Forde, c. 1979
Pal o' Fuentes
Arnold Forde: Half a Century of Big Time Politics (Voice of OC)
     Arnold (Arnie) Forde, identified in depositions as the secret boss behind Irvine’s Great Park, has been a publicity-shy mainstay of both Republican and Democratic California political campaigns for nearly half a century.
. . .
     Forde first gained political attention in the 1960s when he and Butcher formed Butcher-Forde Consulting.
     At the height of their political and financial success, they called themselves the "Darth Vaders of Direct Mail."….

OC's "win at any cost" political ethic: Butcher-Forde, Tom Fuentes, & James Lacy (Dtb)
Orange County incomporuption: toward a "big picture" (DtB)
The 'Darth Vaders of Direct Mail' (LA Times)

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