Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our readers have lots to say about the IVC employee satisfaction survey

May 16 (see Survey):

Anonymous - 6:04 AM, May 16, 2014

     The administration, led by Glenn, only hears what they want to hear.

Anonymous - 10:28 AM, May 16, 2014

     The survey shows lots of dissatisfaction. No wonder it was buried. Any fool can see that there is a mess in Student Services, deans are fearful and ineffective, decision-making is anything but transparent and totally top down, and the classified are disenfranchised. What got me was the comment about "sincere" comments written in at the end of the survey. Really, you can tell which ones are sincere? I wrote a negative comment and it was sincere. I hold absolutely no old grievances towards admin. I hold new ones based on the VPIs piss poor performance and the President's refusal to see all these problems. 

Anonymous - 10:50 AM, May 16, 2014
     When was this survey made public?

Anonymous - 11:15 AM, May 16, 2014

     Yesterday, it seems

Anonymous - 1:27 PM, May 16, 2014

     Geez! Glenn should be Justin Bieber's PR man. His plane is careening towards earth, and he comments on the luxuriance of the orange hue in the flames. 

Anonymous - 3:30 PM, May 16, 2014

     The way admin keeps the environment of fear going is by hiring deans and managers that have either phony degrees or no degrees at all. That way it ensures loyalty, gets them to march in lock-step to top-down directives, and makes it much easier to summarily dismiss them, should they exercise their own descretion.

The academically deficient managers count their lucky stars that they have good, high-paying, cush jobs, and know they could not stand a chance in hell finding a replacement job should they be let go. So, to be safe they just follow orders.

This has created a class of "yes men/women" whom are afraid to ask questions or disagree with the admins. As shit always rolls downhill, the staff are also adversely affected. This kind of environment also has a negative impact on shared governance.

So, with these survey results and comments, the ball has now been placed in their court. Will the admins change? Not likely because it is very difficult for people to relinquish power and control, as it bruises the ego.

Anonymous – 7:42 PM, May 16, 2014

     Some of the deans are excellent! Karima [Feldhus] and David [Gatewood?] come to mind. Imagine if they had a real voice. 

May 17

Anonymous - 7:53 AM, May 17, 2014

     Dean Shackelford is excellent...he should be the President of the college. Some of the managers don't have any real management experience and are lousy at managing their departments. We have a few new ones in Student Services who are excellent - Nancy Montgomery who manages the Health Center and Veterans Services and Dennis Gordon (a former classified employee) who manages the Student Affairs Office, but Financial Aid is a mess and some of the other Student Service departments need help. The Foundation is out of touch with the campus and is a Disaster.

Anonymous - 8:55 AM, May 17, 2014

     In addition to Nancy Montgomery and Dennis Gordon, I think Diane Oaks does an excellent job of managing a difficult department and Craig Hayward manages his department well. I agree that Financial Aid and the Foundation office have incompetent managers and departments that seem to have forgotten they are here to provide our students with service. The Foundation (and especially Richard Morley) is more self-serving than student serving, but Glenn refuses to recognize the problem, despite the fact that the department reports to him.

Anonymous - 9:22 AM, May 17, 2014

     Employee Satisfaction Scorecard Grading:

Foundation Leadership - F (only because there is no G)
Financial Aid Leadership - F
Facilities Leadership - F
Administration Leadership - F

Anonymous - 9:58 AM, May 17, 2014
9:22 AM
     - Ouch....I guess no grading on the curve.

Anonymous - 11:03 AM, May 17, 2014

     This survey was taken last fall. Why did he wait until the last week of the school year to release the results?

Anonymous - 1:12 PM, May 17, 2014

     This survey was leaked by an employee, otherwise it may never have been released. The usual mo is to release controversial information during the summer. 9:22 you left out Office of Instruction leadership F (because there is no G). 

Anonymous - 1:21 PM, May 17, 2014

     Here is the problem in a nutshell, Glenn stated "I feel that some – albeit very few – of the comments are vestiges of old wounds and battles and are out-of-step with the current direction of the campus." I don't agree. The issues are with the current direction (or lack thereof) and his inability to grasp that fact, accept the criticism and work to make improvements.

Anonymous - 1:38 PM, May 17, 2014

     How strange to be reading about the ongoing problems with the foundation only to see Al Tello's face in the right hand column. With all his faults Tello and the foundation department were much, much better than what we have now. The foundation board is worse also, where Glenn allowed Richard to make changes to the board he failed to improve it (thus the F because there is no G grade that was bestowed upon the debacle that is called the Foundation office at IVC).

Anonymous - 2:41 PM, May 17, 2014

     Shak insults women.

Anonymous - 2:48 PM, May 17, 2014

     Yes, he does seem to have a problem in that regard.

Anonymous - 3:42 PM, May 17, 2014
     Problem? Shak does it in public, at meetings, in front of everyone and no one calls him on it (they either think he's being "funny" or that don't notice because they share his prejudice) - so he does it again and it gets worse. The man himself thinks he is utterly charming. Ugh.

May 18

Anonymous-8:51 AM, May 18, 2014

     I have seen Shak attack. He could never be president with his issues with females. 

Anonymous-8:54 AM, May 18, 2014

     Can we see the results of the survey excluding the administrative responses? 

Anonymous-9:37 AM, May 18, 2014

     But why is the Shak Attack behavior tolerated - enabled even - in a dean who must deal with female administrators, staff and students? 

Anonymous-10:02 AM, May 18, 2014

     According to the recent survey:
49% of the respondents do not agree that there is a “good procedure to develop courses at IVC.”
40% of the respondents do not agree that “IVC Administration provides effective leadership.”
50% of the respondents do not agree that “Administration is respected by employees.”
45% of the respondents do not agree that “Administrators and Managers make fair decisions.”
52% of the respondents do not agree that “college decision-making processes are effective.”

Anonymous-10:07 AM, May 18, 2014

     9:37 am, good question. Good ol' boy? They go after HL instead?

Anonymous-10:11 AM, May 18, 2014

     Only 47% of the classified respondents perceive the campus environment as good/excellent according to the survey. That should be at the top of everyone's to do list: Fix this. 


Anonymous-10:13 AM, May 18, 2014

     I have been on the receiving end of Shak's disregard for women. He was openly bullying me in a meeting and was incredibly disrespectful.

Anonymous-10:40 AM, May 18, 2014

     I hope you reported him (KS). The only thing that gets notice at the district is a lawsuit. I hope the BOT is reading this! Save the taxpayers some money. 

Anonymous-11:13 AM, May 18, 2014
     How do you "report" someone who obviously has the support of the college president, et al? Especially if you are untenured or part-time or your evaluations are signed by him or his pals?

Anonymous-12:07 PM, May 18, 2014
     On how do you report someone? You have to document the incident, get others who witnessed it to sign off on the validity of your report, and report it to HR. If you don't, and I know it is frightening, he'll keep doing it. There are protections in place to protect "whistleblowers."

Anonymous-1:44 PM, May 18, 2014
     This can't really be a WE against THEM scenario. We all have to pull together to makes things better for all of our futures. Unfortunately, until we get rid of Dr. Retaliation, there won't be sufficient trust to do so.

Anonymous-6:58 PM, May 18, 2014
     10:40am, you are correct. The District buries its head in the sand and assumes there are no festering issues until there is a lawsuit. District HR management finds it easier to react to lawsuits rather than being proactive and having a presence on campus to prevent them. As a result, employees suffer from the effects of bullying and arrogant administrators and fearful and paralyzed college directors.

Anonymous-6:59 PM, May 18, 2014
     The protections only work when the process is followed. I have little confidence in the integrity of the leaders - and colleagues - who have seen this happen and done nothing.

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Anonymous said...

10:40am, you are correct. The District buries its head in the sand and assumes there are no festering issues until there is a lawsuit. District HR management finds it easier to react to lawsuits rather than being proactive and having a presence on campus to prevent them. As a result, employees suffer from the effects of bullying and arrogant administrators and fearful and paralyzed college directors.

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