Thursday, May 15, 2014

IVC, Saddleback in top 10 of UC transfers

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The Los Angeles Times reports today on a proposed initiative by the U.C. regents to increase transfers from all community colleges.

The article points out  that the  "numbers are so lopsided that just 19 colleges sent half of all the 13,999 community college transfers to UC campuses last year and 93 other schools made up the other half."

Among the top ten transfer colleges are Saddleback and Irvine Valley coming in at 9 and 10 respectively, Saddleback with 328 UC transfer and IVC, the little college in the orange groves that could, coming in with 310, just 18 fewer than its "big sister."

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See IVC website
Cal Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Transfer Data


     The data re SOCCCD student transfers to Cal State Universities is slightly less alarming:
IVC: almost 3%
Saddleback: 3%
     On the other hand, rates (of transfer to CSU) at other local community colleges are much higher:
OCC: almost 6%
Fullerton: 5.5%
     No doubt, proximity plays into these figures. Both OCC and Fullerton are relatively near CSUs. IVC, of course,  is very near UCI, which might explain its relatively high rate of transfer there.

     So, here at IVC, about 5% of our students transfer to either UC or CSU. That's 1 in 20, or about two students per class.
     Gee willikers.

Tranfers to In-state private [ISP] and out-of-state [OOS] Baccalaureate Granting Institutions:

RECORDS FOR 2009-2010
Saddleback College:
ISP: 305
OOS: 240
Total: 545 

Irvine Valley College:
In-state private: 152
Out-of-state: 147
Total: 299 

Orange Coast College:
ISP: 391
OOS: 287
Total: 678
     Based on the figures I'm seeing, as of about a year ago, about 7% of IVC students transferred to some kind of Baccalaureate granting institution (ISPs, OOSs, UCs, CSUs).
     That's a little better than 3 students per classroom.
     Again, gee willikers.


Anonymous said...

Impressive. How many more students does Saddleback have compared to IVC?

Roy Bauer said...

According to the district’s Fast Facts, enrollment for the two colleges for Fall, 2013 was:
SC: 26,416
IVC: 14,966
--i.e., Saddleback College is roughly (a little less than) twice the size of IVC, re enrollment

Roy Bauer said...

Based on this data:
SC: 26,416 (Fall 2013)
IVC: 14,966 (Fall 2013)
SC Transfers: 328 (2012-3 school year)
IVC Transfers: 310 (2012-3 school year)
--The transfer (to UC) rate per college:
.0124 SC
.021 IVC
--i.e., both are pitiful, but IVC’s is twice SC’s.

Roy Bauer said...

According to one source, “Some 1,610,925 students were enrolled in community colleges in fall 2010 in California.” According to the Times article, 13,999 community college transfers to UC have occurred (2012-13). 13,999 divided into 1,610,925 is .009.
Good grief.
Keep in mind that likely more students were enrolled in 2012-13.

Anonymous said...

.009. Gosh, that's about 1%. Damn.

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