Wednesday, May 14, 2014

IVC marquee update

The newly corrected message
     Today, we checked, and the gibberish that appeared—evidently for a period of weeks—on the western side of the IVC "marquee" at Jeffrey and Irvine Center Drive has been, um, corrected. Above is a photo, taken earlier today, of the newly fixed marquee; below is a photo of the marquee as it appeared a couple of days ago.

     I made some inquiries and have heard reports that President Glenn Roquemore was "plenty miffed" about this signage snafu. On the other hand, according to other reports, the President has tended to dismiss the incident, describing it as a mere "typo."
     But I don't have confirmation of any of that. (I might have just made it up.)
     We've also heard that, in the last two days, there has been a precipitous decline in traffic accidents at the intersection of Jeffrey and Irvine CD, which, as we reported, was recently declared to be the seventh most dangerous intersection in the county.
     Some wags are suggesting that the obvious explanation of this curious development is the aforementioned correction of the marquee signage. Obviously, according to said wags, until its verbiage was corrected, the marquee's remarkable message—"we cilio ora," and whatnot—routinely "weirded out" northbound drivers who panicked, thereby causing their vehicles to skitter and slide aimlessly across the intersection and into innocent pedestrians and vehicles.

     THE MYSTERY INCOHERENCE. The corrected signage has solved part of one mystery: what did the pre-incoherence signage say? Evidently "you success ur commitment" once declared "your success is our commitment." And "www   edu" once stated "www ivc edu." Meanwhile, "enroll w" started with "enroll now."
     OK, I get all that. But the first line of the Mystery Incoherence remains a mystery. How does a set of letters get from "COME TO IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE" to "WE CILIO ORA1[<]E ORE CONST   EYCOLLEGE"?*

     *Yes, it seems likely that the original message said, not "COME TO IVC" but "WELCOME TO IVC." But how explain the rest of the gibberish? Note: I'm told that the letters of the signage are locked in: the gibberish couldn't be the result of pranksters.


Anonymous said...


I thought the "original" may have been the college's Latin motto.

Anonymous said...

That was quick!

Anonymous said...

I think there is a chapter of skulls at IVC and this was a secret message only decoded by them....

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