Monday, May 26, 2014

Blue Rocketeer

     Check out Red Emma's profile on H&L's teacher-poet, Virginia Shank, in the latest OC Magazine (pp. 10-11). It begins thusly:
     With her green eyes, red hair, porcelain skin, and stylish retro-Victorian ensembles suggesting both wit, good taste and an eye for vintage clothing-store finery, Virginia Shank unshyly personifies the romantic ideal of the English professor. This young poet and teacher originally from Eden, New York recently earned “Teacher of the Year” at Irvine Valley College, after teaching there only four semesters. The busy little community college in what’s left of an orange grove is lucky to have her. Professor Shank’s curriculum vitae is loaded for serious academic bear: PhD in English from Binghamton, MFA in poetry from University of Idaho, plenty of awards, research and accolades as a student and grad student….

     Oops! Forgot to mention the other day that, for once, Rocky's "Open Door" newsletter mentions one of our own: the Reb!:

     Also: be sure to keep track of the Reb's trouble-making re Chipotle (Facebook).


Rebel Girl said...

I want a cool photo like Virginia's!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful profile of Professor Shank!

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