Friday, April 25, 2014

Gustavo Arellano chosen as Commencement Speaker at Fullerton College


This just in: Fullerton College has chosen one of the O.C.'s favorite native sons, Gustavo Arellano, as its commencement speaker. This year is Fullerton College's centennial year.

As Gustavo says, "It really is an honor, especially given I'm a product of the community college system."

We couldn't agree more. Devoted readers of Dissent will remember that Rebel Girl has nominated Gustavo as a commencement speaker for years (years!) now.

She has all but given up especially since the last time it was made clear to her in no uncertain terms just how inappropriate a nominee such as Gustavo was. She can take a hint. (For the record, the committee wasn't too impressed with local hijab-wearing feminist journalists or Middle Eastern scholars from neighboring UCs either.) Make of that what you will. All Rebel Girl can tell you is that is was one of the most toxic meetings she has ever attended and that is saying a great deal.

Read all about Fullerton's choice here.

Read about IVC's commencement speaker process here. Perhaps this is the year when Tom Hanks will visit the little college in the orange groves. We'll see.



Anonymous said...

I think Fuentes wrote it in his will that Gustavo would never speak at either campus. I believe that he has now given addresses at OCC, LBC, UCI, UCLA -and now Fullerton. We tend to pick middle-aged guys in suits. I am sure Gustavo has a suit but it's probably not IVC style. Too bad. I think the students and their families would like him. I sat on that committee before and supported him as a nominee.

Anonymous said...

Not every speaker wears a suit. We had the Wahoo's taco guy and he wore a Hawaiian shirt.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hanks? Really? That would be great.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout Irvine's fav son, Will Ferrell?

Anonymous said...

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Hmmmm. Wondering what this is about...

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