Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nancy agreed that "We must take back our Christian country"

     Prayer and its place in district/college gatherings has been on lots of people's minds lately, and that reminds me that Nancy Padberg, President of the SOCCCD BOT, once went along with calling me, and other plaintiffs in Westphal v. Wagner,* "heathens." (See Queen Nancy's premature pronouncement.)
     That factoid amused me then and amuses me still.
     Here are excerpts from some of the pleading papers from WvW:

     That's right, Padberg evidently agreed with constituents who opined that "we must take back our Christian country" and asked that she "Please keep God in our community colleges."
     Some of these people even brought hell into the discussion, and Nancy seemed to go along with that too. Gosh, what she must think of me!

Nancy and the late Tom Fuentes. I don't think they were friendly.
     One reason that Nancy's tolerance of such coarse vulgarisms interests and amuses me is the fact that I never refer to her in such harsh terms, even in private conversation among "heathens" and the like. I might refer to her as "Queen Nancy" (she's pretty imperious) or imply that she is among the "Neanderthals" or "Knuckle-Draggers" of the world—but that's just payback for her arrogance and utter eschewery of any form or degree of magnanimity. C'mon!
     Gosh, Nancy, I really do like you—you are, after all, kind to animals—so I'm proposing a compromise. I'll cease with the "knuckle-dragger" jive if you cease condoning the "heathen" twaddle. OK?

*Westphal v. Wagner addressed a pattern of behavior by the SOCCCD BOT (and it's officer, the Chancellor), including the playing of "Jesus" videos at the Chancellor's opening session and obnoxious trustee prayers at Scholarship events.


Anonymous said...

Ok so you heathens won big $ in a lawsuit, currency that has "In God We Trust" printed on it. Why not reject it and give it all back to the Colleges?

Roy Bauer said...

None of the plaintiffs received a dime. These lawsuits are not about money.

Anonymous said...

This "curency" argumnet is a nonstarter. Check out the history and try again.

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