Thursday, May 30, 2013

What up, Rocky? (Concerns or kudos)

     Just maybe Roquemore and Co. sought to meet to discuss their scholarshipian, early collegiate, and associated snafus far away from Inquiring Minds. If so, that ploy has been utterly undone by the Academic Senate Prez, who just emailed everybody about “Commencement, scholarship, early college, and various other awards ceremonies and celebrations….”
     She announced that
There will be a meeting to "debrief" and discuss these events, in particular some issues involving the scholarship presentations and that event, and how to [try to] improve the process and minimize errors in future. If you are interested in attending this meeting it will be in

A123 (the President's Conference Room)
Thursday, Jun 6,  2-3 pm

I plan to attend, so if anyone has concerns or kudos but does not plan to attend, please pass them on to me, and I will be sure to enunciate them for you.
     So, those of you who have something to say, either plan to show up to this "debriefing" or write it down and send it to Kathy ASAP (
     And don’t forget, Linden, about the two-hour premiere of “The Killing” Sunday night!

The grading continues:


Anonymous said...

Only an hour long meeting?

Anonymous said...

Do you think a lot of people will show? Faculty won't be back on campus until next week.

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