Wednesday, May 8, 2013

IVC has balloons—blue and white ones—on the brain. Here's Rebel Girl with seven of 'em.

I was so pleased to find that Buena Park broke with the recent trend of cities adopting "In God We Trust" as a motto

Red Emma visited and quaintly insisted on communicating in broad gestures

I forget why we came up with this one. I think maybe it was inspired by a condescending email

Rebel Girl found "Gregor" on the floor inside the A200 Building. She was determined to memorialize his passing, told me to take this pic

Gary Poertner's feet. Really.

We've had one or two horse head episodes at IVC.

Nobody will believe me but, yes, TigerAnn occasionally speaks. Here she is making a typically snarky remark.


Anonymous said...

This is kind of like a year in review! Very snappy.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Ann is saying "Roy, put down the bong. You've had enough. And NO I can't really talk"

Anonymous said...

I hear there is a movie about Saddleback's balloons - "The Red Balloon." I like the balloon photo very much. Where did she get them?

Roy Bauer said...

She just grabbed those balloons from a bench or something. What difference does it make? Just as Roquemore and Co. seem content to present IVC as a haven for little kids with daffy inventions, they love to break out those stupid blue and white balloons. It is eminently mockworthy.

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