Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Judge: Chriss Street must pay $7 million judgment (OC Reg)

     U.S. District Judge Dean D. Pregerson rejected the first appeal, which argued that Neiter wrongly applied the law, in May 2011. Street filed a second appeal in November 2011, arguing that he had been hobbled at trial by incompetent counsel, Newport Beach attorney Phillip Greer.
     Greer is a politically prominent attorney. At the time of the Street trial he also represented four of the five Orange County supervisors.
     Long-time SOCCCD observers will remember that, during the Fuentes years, Street dropped by board meetings now and again to give us the low down on County tax revenue. These visits were entirely unnecessary, of course. But they served Tom's purposes and bolstered Street's career.
     Tom was also a political guru of some kind to Don Wagner, John Williams, Dave Lang, and Raghu Mathur, among other familiar names. Owing, no doubt, to Fuentes' demands, the district paid Phil Greer $25K to help Raghu negotiate a lucrative exit from the district. Greer also represented John Williams during his last, ignominious days at the County.
     That Tom sure had an eye for rat bastards.

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