Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The latest on the Quan-Lawrence murders

Police: Ex-LAPD officer sought in killings (OC Reg)
     Police have identified a former Los Angeles Police Department officer suspected of shooting a newly engaged couple to death in an Irvine parking garage.
. . .
     [Irvine police Chief Dave] Maggard declined to specify a motive for the shootings but indicated that police had uncovered a "multi-page manifesto" written by [Christopher Jordan] Dorner in which he "implicated himself in the slayings."….

UPDATE: 5 minutes ago [7:35 a.m., Feb 7]:
Officer killed in Riverside; manhunt expands in Irvine slayings (OC Reg)
     Police agencies across three counties are on high alert after a man suspected of killing the daughter of an LAPD captain and her fiance is believed to also be behind the shooting of three officers Thursday morning, one of whom has died.

It gets weirder, sadder (updated at 9:50 A.M.):

Police on high alert after ex-LAPD cop's alleged serial shootings

Women delivering newspapers in Torrance shot in manhunt for ex-cop

GOP Campaign Cash Controversy Heating Up in Lake Forest (Voice of OC)


Anonymous said...

How strange and awful.

Anonymous said...

What an odd twist in such a sad story.

Anonymous said...

So scary. Obviously a seriously mentally imbalanced man who is very well-armed.

Anonymous said...

Read the "manifesto." Seems more like a man that felt he had no other choice.

Anonymous said...

The media has conveniently posted only a partial manifesto. They filtered out about 10 pages where he describes himself as politically hard-left leaning. He is anti gun, praises Obama, Fienstein, Biden, CNN, MSNBC, etc... A real lefty loon! It's all online, see for yourself.

Roy Bauer said...

Yeah. It's another "liberal" conspiracy. Right.

Anonymous said...

Well you can be sure that if it involved a conservative minded person (perhaps someone from the TEA party, hint, hint?) the liberal media establishment would've been all over it like stink on a rotten eyeball and you all know it, so yes it is a "liberal" conspiracy.

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