No, she didn't get $35,000. And, yes, IVC faculty are informed that "they" hate the color red

     TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTY-FIVE. I have a heretofore reliable IVC source who told me something, not long ago, about a certain bumptious instructor, who has been, among other things, the chief organizer of IVC's sculpture "invitationals." According to the source, that instructor received $35,000 for her efforts regarding the latter, and so I reported precisely that. (Well, I reported the conversation in which that info was provided.)
     Since that time, however, I've not been able to find any documentation of that expense. This (see graphic below) is all that I've been able to find concerning pay re the "invitationals" by searching the district's BOT meeting agenda archive:

     Well, $2k is a far cry from $35k. So we hereby retract our earlier assertion and apologize for our error.
     In the course of seeking info about expenses re IVC's "Biennial Outdoor Sculpture Invitational" (BOSI), I did come across various expenses that appear to be part of the effort to solicit submissions by sculptors:

     —I guess $1,000 for an ad in a magazine is normal. Is that right?

     SEEING RED. A group of biology faculty have been meeting with the district/college team that is responsible for construction of the new Life Sciences Building, which is materializing on the south end of the campus.
     As you know, recently, faculty were told that the red accents inside the building had to be removed and replaced (with black, evidently) owing to the fact that, well, red is Saddleback College's color. IVC's color is blue.
     Everybody knows that. (So why is the PAC red again?)
     Bio faculty met again today with the usual district/college suspects, and they pressed for the rationale for prohibiting red in the new building. Once again, reference was made to Saddleback College's ownership of red. But they were also told that "every other user group" on campus has (in the past, I suppose) objected to the color red. (?)
     I was not aware of this.
     This bio crew is the only one who actually likes the color, Bio faculty were told.
     And so, today, Bio faculty were informed that, since "faculty" have expressed their wishes re color—they dislike red—that color must not be permitted in the new Life Sciences Building.
     —Yeah, but what if the actual occupants of the Life Sciences Building—namely, the Bio faculty—like red? What difference does it make that other faculty don't like it?
     Doesn't matter. Faculty have expressed their desire. End of story.
     When the Bio people pressed the matter further, they were told (by a certain head of Facilities): you don't want the President to get another black eye, do you?
     Another black eye? What was the first one for? And who gave it to 'im? The faculty I spoke to today didn't seem to know.
     Evidently, since the meeting, there's been some speculation about that. Remember the generous amounts of red once featured inside the Administration Building—i.e., A100, Glenn's personal Etch-a-Sketch? He changes it every couple years or so. Right now, it's a big empty space surrounded by offices. Crazy, man.
     I'm told that, at some point, Glenn had workers color the floor red. Some say he got grief for that. Is that true? Dunno.
     Sounds like a likely IVC story, though. It's pretty f*cked up.

The big empty. Formerly red?
Yep, red.


Anonymous said…
The whole red scandal is ridiculous. Who paints colleges in their school colors? Who cares whether or not the railings in a building at IVC are painted red or blue? This is nuts. What is this really about? How much money through the years has been squandered adhering to this irrational idea? (I was wondering what happened to the incredibly expensive glossy red floor in A-100...Don't tell me they paid to have it laid then took it up just because of its color!?! My god, they could have hauled it over and laid it int eh crappy classrooms I teach in - a new floor or even a slightly used one would have been a big help but then again it would have been RED and I guess you can't have that.) Geez.
Anonymous said…
I appreciate the update on the $35,000 which seemed unlikely - but I must say, the red scandal seems even more unlikely. I have never heard of such an ban on a color in all my years here. I have never heard faculty or staff mention this.
Anonymous said…
He would not have so many black eyes if he just opened them from time to time. Also his ears.
Anonymous said…
I heard that the Bio red was replaced with black - true? And that faculty weren't consulted? Perhaps they would have chosen another color besides black?
Anonymous said…
Yes A-100 had bordello red flooring and colors. Lots of oak. Only lasted a couple of years. They thought it would look impressive like the old Edwards theatres. Instead it looked like a whore house.
Anonymous said…
I'm a great appreciator of that old bordello ambiance. Especially the sofas.
Anonymous said…
I'm surprised they allowed that red sculpture on campus!
Anonymous said…
Does this mean that IVC functions will not have red wine?
Anonymous said…
How much does all this painting and re-painting cost? Just to change colors to suit some ridiculous color "law"?

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