Friday, February 15, 2013

On the moon

Rebel Girl
Rebel Girl
IVC on the moon
...All to the tune of Where is My Mind?
In a taxi, Berlin, 2011
A friend posted this. Funny.


Anonymous said...

Who did the cool drawing/graphic of RG? And: I fervently hope that is not a pile of grading behind which Rebel Girl is peeking! (Did I get the grammar right there?--not easy!)


Roy Bauer said...

Your grammar is OK by me.
I took the photos and did the Photoshopping. A couple years ago, I think.
Grading? She's always got hours of grading sitting there. Always.
This weekend, so do I.
The taxi driver was a cute young girl from Africa who told us her troubles. It was odd but pleasant. Berlin is a great town. The taxi drivers are from all over. The downtown area is very cosmopolitan.

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