Monday, December 10, 2012

My Carona

     R Scott Moxley reports the belated spanking of Irvine Valley College’s “Hometown Hero,” namely, convicted felon Mike Carona, over his "egregious" treatment of Bill Hunt in 2006:

     A California judge has ruled that Sheriff Mike Carona violated state law by committing "egregious and despicable" retaliation inside the Orange County Sheriff's Department against one of his 2006 election opponents: Lieutenant Bill Hunt who campaigned on restoring integrity to the agency and found himself severely demoted hours after the contest.
. . .
     In an attempt to give Hunt justice, McEachen ordered the OCSD to hand him back his high-ranking job and give him more than $280,619 in back pay plus $50,000 in penalties. The county will also have to reimburse him for his lawyer fees….

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