Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Pics: purely unacademic

The Tige, talkin' to one of her friends: Joy Boy

People have been asking me about young Bugsy, a domestic shorthair kitten my folks rescued recently up here in the Santa Ana Mountains. Well, he's settled into being my parents' (they're about 80 years old) "new baby." That means they dote on him all day long, which is good, I figure. Keeps 'em out of trouble.

Here's mom with the youngster, who still hasn't grown accustomed to me. (He's giving me the stink eye.) Unless I approach him very carefully, Bugsy runs from me as though I were a grizzly bear. It was hard taking these pictures, what with this goofy kid acting like I'm a chupacabra or freakin' Bigfoot.

Mostly, I couldn't use the flash on my camera, cuz it freaks out the Bugster. 
He sure is a beautiful and fun little guy. Always playing, always cute.
Mom says he's "obviously the most beautiful cat in the world." I just nod in agreement.

Here he is playing with my mom's shoe. Somehow, he just loves my folks' shoes.


Later, I took Annie's cat TigerAnn out for a walk. Here she is hunting out on a hill. 
She's pretty good at it. Mostly, she catches lizards, mice, and birds. She always brings her victims to me, and I can generally save 'em--but I've gotta do that carefully so as not to offend Tiger. Once, she saw me save a mouse she gave me, and it weirded her out for days. I found her in the shower, staring at the corner. Not good.

Compared to Fluffy Boy, Tiger's like, well, a tiger. She's at least twice his size.

Suddenly, she pounced and ran toward the house. Don't know why. A few minutes later, I took her out again.

Drove down to the Trabuco Canyon post office to mail a letter.

The weather was beautiful.

Hope you're all having a good Thanksgiving. 

The Tige in my imagination, maybe walkin' to Grandma's house or stoppin' for a smoke. Some cats are like electrons; you never know what they're gonna do. It's like, Bam! There she goes!--and don't even think about asking why she did that.
"'Constant conjunction' my furry ass," says the Tige."With me, it's just 'shit happens,' all day long."

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Lovely pix--more are welcome

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