Monday, November 5, 2012

Lassie stops to pee on Goo

"I felt compelled."
     Today, I came across this political bark, by “Lassie,” on the OC Political blog, which describes itself as “right-of-center.” It concerns Mr. Goo.
     As you know, former Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur is running for a seat on the Laguna Hills City Council. My guess is that he will get elected. If that happens, he'll be too busy to bother us at the district, I figure.
     So, by all means, vote for the bastard.

Raghu Mathur Can’t Be Trusted to Lead Laguna Hills (OC Political [blog])

Posted by Lassie* on November 5, 2012

     I wrote a few weeks ago about Raghu Mathur’s history of wasting taxpayer dollars (here). Mathur wants to lead Laguna Hills as a city councilmember, but Laguna Hills can’t afford him. Today, I’ll show you why Mathur’s record as Irvine Valley College President and as South Orange County Community College District Chancellor just demonstrates that he can’t be trusted as a leader in Laguna Hills or anywhere else.
     On his campaign web site (here), Mathur promises, “I believe in solving problems while respectfully listening to and working with everyone…I will restore civility, trust and openness to Laguna Hills City Council governance.” His record [however] shows respect, working with everyone, civility, trust, and openness are the furthest things from his record.
Mathur inspires canine passions
     In 1999, the LA Times reported that the community college accreditation agency strongly rebuked the leadership, stating “Irvine Valley College and its district . . . are organizations in crisis–primarily a governance crisis. . . . A multiplicity of deep and bitter divisions characterize virtually all entities and relationships. . . . The district had become wracked by malfunction and misfortune.”
     Five years prior, in 1994, Mathur became the only person ever to have been censured for lying in the history of Irvine Valley College, according to the OC Weekly.
     In 2002, free speech restriction policies were implemented after Mathur was appointed Irvine Valley College President amid protests from students and faculty and continued after he was appointed Chancellor of South Orange County Community College District. Courts ruled the policies were unconstitutional because the district was muzzling free speech: see.
     In 2004, Mathur was given a vote of “no-confidence” by the faculty for a third time, described as a “vindictive and dictatorial bully, intolerant of criticism” who “in pursuit of personal power, he has sold out his former colleagues” at SOCCCD: here.
Sure they can
     In 2010, when Mathur was voted out by the SOCCCD Board of Trustees 5-2 and he was given a golden handshake of over $250,000, the settlement imposed a gag order forbidding discussion of the separation agreement. here.
     Mathur opposed the incorporation of Laguna Hills. Why does he now want to lead something that he doesn’t believe should exist? Is he planning to drive the city off the cliff? Will he try to get Laguna Hills dissolved?
     Laguna Hills can’t afford Raghu Mathur, and Raghu Mathur can’t be trusted to lead Laguna Hills.

*This is the meager info provided concerning the identity of "Lassie." —And, no, I'm not Lassie.

Well-Funded Groups Play 'Shell Game' With Political Ads (Voice of OC)

Preserving anonymity
     For more than a year, individuals and groups have spent massive amounts of money on political advertising in California, hoping to influence votes on an array of critical issues, including education spending, tax increases and who runs city hall.
. . .
     But because the punishments for breaking the laws are so mild — fines from $200 to $5,000 per violation — these deep-pocketed special interests often choose to ignore them and simply consider the fines a cost of doing business, according to campaign finance watchdogs.
. . .
     Americans for Responsible Leadership is the largest case of "campaign money laundering" in state history, the FPPC says.
. . .
     Atlas PAC sent out three sets of negative mailers last month targeting a Huntington Beach City Council candidate but failed to report its donors, said Debbie Cook, an environmental activist and former Huntington Beach mayor….

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