Post-forum wrap-up (Jemal y'all)

Jemal: only hope of a
non-Williamsian future?
     At this point, it seems clear that there are at least two—probably three—good candidates for that Area 7 trustee seat soon to be vacated by Mike Meldau. During today’s forum, both Tim Jemal and Jan Serrantino-Cox revealed themselves to be intelligent and articulate people with good values. Jemal is very polished, though less familiar with higher education issues. Serrantino-Cox is less polished, but seems closer to the faculty perspective.
     Not sure about Mr. Mike Moodian. The answers he provided to the union’s questions were good. From what I've seen, it appears that he, too, is a good guy with good values. Admittedly, his recent “report” regarding trustees’ pensions was a bit of a stunt—that trustees get medical benefits is slightly sexy, but it is hardly a major issue—but you can’t really blame a candidate for trying to get noticed. I mean, it’s not as if he were making stuff up or revealing idiocy.
Did his learnin' in the Hawkeye State
     The latter, of course, is what Mr. Williams does. It’s what he did today at the forum. Reminded of his egregious late-90s Brown Act violations (Williams and his board appointed Raghu Mathur IVC Prez in a closed session and with the appointment item—unagendized!). Williams seemed to assert that all of those court rulings were overturned (!). Asked about the importance of clean and honest processes in hiring chancellors, Williams described his involvement in the Mathur chancellor hire as though it were a paradigm of openness and best practices. (After the forum, I spoke with a member of that search committee; he told me that he nearly asked Williams why the board hired Mathur when, in fact, he was ranked #22 by the committee!)
     In truth, Williams has been among the most egregious foes of “process,” transparency, and open government in district history.
     But I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that.
     Serrantino-Cox may be a very worthy candidate, but I don’t think she has a prayer in this race. Williams has name recognition (à la Robert Rizzo) and Jemal has bigtime endorsements (Todd Spitzer, William M. Habermehl, Carolyn Inmon, Loretta Sanchez, et al.). S-C has none of that.
Faculty perspective
     It’s hard to see how Moodian has much of a chance either. His biggest endorsement is probably Laguna Hills Councilmember Barbara Kogerman. (Who?)
     [10/19: today, reader GJ called to remind me that only Williams and Jemal's campaign statements will appear on voter materials sent out by the County Registrar. She also assures me that that's a $10 haircut on Jemal's head.]
     Today, Mr. Jemal acquitted himself well. But, as I noted in my conversation with him after the forum, there is a danger that he and Moodian will split the anti-Williams vote. He acknowledged that.
     And so I’m thinking that we need to get behind Mr. Jemal, a plainly good candidate who is probably the only one with a chance of beating that rat bastard John Williams.
     Is he the best candidate? Maybe yes, maybe no. But it does not matter. He is the only good candidate that has a chance of beating Orlando Boy.


Anonymous said…
Moodian, a registered Democrat, is endorsed by Barbara Kogerman. Make note of this, folks, for when it comes time for the OCGOP to make endorsements. No Republican who endorses a Democrat can get the OCGOP endorsement.

(Note also that Barbara Kogerman endorses Raghu Mathur for Laguna Hills city council.)
Anonymous said…
It's unfortunate that we find ourselves not voting for the right candidate, but the candidate that we THINK can beat the wrong candidate. Often, we end up with something else we really didn't want. I'm voting for the right candidate. I'm not going to reveal her name.
Roy Bauer said…
7:14, I would normally be sympathetic to your remark. However, in this case, the candidate I believe we should support is a perfectly good candidate--while no overwhelmingly superior candidate is among alternatives. Further, the case for his being a serious threat to Williams is a very good one. Go to his website and consider those who endorse him. They are many, and they are heavyweights both among local Repubicans and Democrats. That will almost certainly be reflected in the voting in November.
Anonymous said…
What OC Republicans in the right places have endorsed John Williams?
Roy Bauer said…
6:35, Williams' website includes no list of endorsements. Evidently, he has none.
Anonymous said…
Go John Williams! Go away!
Anonymous said…
Stay as you are John, stay gone.
Anonymous said…
The chap from Brandman is not getting good comments from folks there and at Chapman: from faculty and administrators--for what it's worth.
Anonymous said…
John Williams should be honored for his numerous contributions to our community. What say we tar and feather the bastard?
Anonymous said…
A great waste of tar and feathers. Just laugh and point your finger at him.

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