Sunday, August 26, 2012

Most IVC employees say: Roquemore and Co. don’t care what we think

Summary of “highlights” of IVC employee satisfaction survey (see The 2011 IVC survey: curious results):

  • By far, the largest group that participated in the survey were the full-time classified (i.e., non-instructional, non-managerial employees). They comprised 40% of respondents. Full-time faculty comprised 25%.
  • 23%—that's nearly a quarter—disagree that they are treated with "respect and dignity." That can't be good, civility fans.
  • 52% agree that "little effort is made to get the opinions...of people who work here." That is, most employees (who took the survey, anyway) feel that Roquemore and Co. don't care what they think.*
  • A quarter of respondents judged that the environment for employees (at IVC) is poor or very poor.
  • 39% of employees agree that "district administrators and managers usually make decisions that are unfair."
  • 35% of IVC employees disagree that "administration at IVC provides effective leadership...."
*I should mention that the survey question (to which I am referring here: #37H) was a tad ambiguous concerning whether it was referring to IVC leadership or district leadership. On the other hand, most of 37's elements concern IVC in particular, and we have strong independent reasons to suppose that the district Chancellor is a popular leader (including at IVC). Thus I think my interpretation—that 37H opines about Roquemore and Co, not some broader field of leadership.—is fair.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the link to the results of the survey. Little wonder why it was released in the busiest week of the year. Faculty, next time you pass by a classified member of our team, stop and thank them. We owe our full support to the classified staff who are so valuable.

Anonymous said...

Y*s! S*B is being k*nd.


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