Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DtB’s “curious moments in SOCCCD history,” part 2: the specter of "school slaughter"

Mr. Knoblockhead
     1. During the September 24, 2007 meeting of the SOCCCD board of trustees, San Clemente City Councilman Steve Knoblock addressed the trustees concerning the specter of school violence with its “burgeoning body count." The Republican politico ridiculed the nation’s feeble efforts in addressing violent outbreaks (he mentioned reliance on "sensitivity training," among other things).
     Knoblock's recommendation: reject the “strategy of duck and cover” in favor of a strategy of “self defense."
     Said he,
Tod Burnett's personal arsenal
"We may see less school slaughter if students are trained and encouraged to protect themselves. On hand in every classroom and on every school campus there are innumerable books, chairs, backpacks, laptop computers, shoes, etc., that can be used at a moment’s notice as defensive projectile weapons against armed assassins…."
     Afterward, trustee Tom Fuentes, former chair of the local Republican Party, noted that Mr. Knoblock is an “esteemed” member of the community (i.e., he's a Republican).
     You can view Knoblock’s comment here: streaming video.
     Jump to section 2.5 (public comments).
     And, no, I'm not making any of this up.

2. “Stop living in an ivory castle!” –Trustee John Williams, chastising trustee Dave Lang concerning the latter’s opposition to arming campus cops, September 14, 1998


Anonymous said...

No guns, just civility statements.

Anonymous said...

kind of stupid that a city councilman comes to our district and talk about student viloence as if it is happening on our campus. maybe he should have went to watts or compton for his little soapbox bs. we have adults at our school.

Anonymous said...

If I guy comes in with an assault rifle and wants to kill people, he will likely kill indiscriminately. But if somebody leans over to grab their shoe and commences throwing it, said shooter will then discriminate; he will make a point of killing specifically the shoe person. This is common sense. And it is the reason why it is plain that Knoblock is either insane or a fool.

Anonymous said...

You should be more concerned about the caliber of your protective service (cops) than you are about the caliber of guns they carry.

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