Friday, June 1, 2012

TJ Fuentes “to become the most insightful and wily political monster,” says Tom Fuentes’ hagiographer

Starry-eyed Wu (has dad issues)
     The peculiar Mr. Jack Wu continues his hagiographic labors with yesterday’s column (TJ Fuentes is a chip off an amazing block; Daily Pilot) about Tom Fuentes’ standard-bearer, twenty-five year old TJ, a real up-and-comer.
     Wu notes that young TJ is running to become the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee representative for the 74th Assembly District.
     Well, that answers one question. The 74th was recently redrawn to include Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and part of Irvine—but not Lake Forest and environs. Hence, TJ doesn’t live in Area 6 of the South Orange County Community College District.
     Back to the multi-generational hagiography: Starry-eyed Wu reminisces:
     I remember, years ago, speaking with UC Irvine student Thomas A. Fuentes Jr. (Tj), and I asked him what he wanted to do when he "grew up."
     "What my dad does," he said.
     I believe the kid means it. I noticed that, on his Facebook page, TJ lists only “my dad” under “People who inspire TJ.” Sheesh.*
E. Burke
     According to Wu, TJ has indeed been the dutiful and devoted son for several years now:
     Since Tom's liver transplant four years ago, Tj has been at his father's side at almost every political meeting, and every political lunch and dinner, quietly soaking up every bit of information spoken, written and implied.
     Tj started attending the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee meetings, asking me, texting me, emailing me, "Who is that?" "Why are they doing this?" "What does that person do for a living?"
     Tom, Tj and I drove up to Sacramento for the California Republican Party State Convention last March so Tj could meet, see, eat, listen and learn at the state level the difference between principles and politics.
     And while Tom was in hospice care, Tj stayed close and continued to learn while also grabbing what tidbits of information Tom's students like me could contribute.
     What has provided the finishing touches to TJ’s education, says Wu, is his continuing employment with Tom Phillips, long-time Fuentes crony and chairman of Eagle Publishing (which runs Regnery Publishing):
     Phillips … is the founding chairman of the National Conservative Campaign Fund [of which Tom was a Director], among other influential, conservative-based organizations….
     Tj became Phillips' assistant and had a front row seat to another part of politics that most mere mortals could only hope to be touched by: the major donor community. Phillips has been a benefactor to countless conservative causes and candidates for numerous years.
     Now, in order to get to Phillips, you would mostly have to get through Tj first. His education of reading people, learning about their political motivations and intentions, would be part of his job description.
     Couple this with Tom's lessons in principles over politics, and Tj has the potential to become the most insightful and wily political monster at the tender age of 25.
Dad liked this guy; so does TJ (left)

*Under philosophy/political views, TJ lists "conservatism" and provides a portrait of Edmund Burke. I too am somewhat of a Burke fan. Dad would certainly approve.

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Anonymous said...

Wu's tongue was so far up Fuentes' fundament all you could see was the soles of his feet.

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TJ is a good kid!

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