Ranking Reveals World's Top Countries for Higher Education (click on link)


Anonymous said…
What's the evidence for this assertion? I thought we were behind in math, engineering, some sciences?
Roy Bauer said…
Click on the link. The methodology is explained (to some extent): "The range of measures is grouped under four headings: resources (investment by government and private sector), output (research and its impact, as well as the production of an educated workforce which meets labour market needs), connectivity (international networks and collaboration which protects a system against insularity) and environment (government policy and regulation, diversity and participation opportunities). Population size is accounted for in the calculations."
4:58, you're confusing two issues here.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, Roy, but I had not checked the link before writing my short questions. Makes a bit of sense since reading the Market Watch piece but it's not terribly illuminating.

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