Monday, May 21, 2012

Mickadeit’s latest obituary for Tom Fuentes: ever more greatness

     DtB readers might be interested in reading OC Reg columnist Frank Mickadeit’s latest obituary for Tom Fuentes: Tom Fuentes conducted 'a great death'.
     Mickadeit ends this one with:
     As a journalist, I've been fortunate to have had a seat in the room and watch people conduct great lives. I've never before seen anyone conduct a great death.
     I can't believe I'll never again see "Tom Fuentes" pop up in my Inbox. But of late, a similar name has started to show up now and then – "Thomas A. Fuentes Jr." This is Tom's and Jolene's oldest son, known to all as T.J. He's 25. He still calls me "Mr. Mickadeit." Those days are now over.
     I suppose that, in a few months, we can expect a Mickadeit column entitled, "Tom Fuentes conducting a great decomposition," followed by "Tom Fuentes left great shit in my garage."

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