Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fleischman on Williams: "embarrassed for all of us here in the County of Orange"

     Of all people, blogger Jon Fleischman—once closely tied to Sheriff Mike Carona—is asking John Williams to just go away:

Community Editorial: John Williams' Cringeworthy Behavior (Voice of OC)

Some excerpts:

     ...At the time this deal was consummated, it cemented in my mind that the John Williams I had come to know over the years had, at best, lost his perspective or even worse, had become a scoundrel.
     Revelations this week that Williams had, in fact, signed a letter in which he stated his intention to resign his office this month, but is now trying to "flip flop" on that decision, are another demonstration that Williams is lacking in character.
     I have spoken to enough people who were party to the dialogue that took place between Williams, the Board of Supervisors and the County CEO to know that (despite my strong advice to the contrary) Williams did cut a deal. The County has literally locked Williams out of his former office, and a judge has now refused a request to have him let back in.
. . .
     This entire situation comes at considerable taxpayer expense, in the time spent on it by county personnel and lawyers, the costs of Williams' screw-ups in the running of his office, and finally the idea that Williams for the rest of his life will get enhanced pension benefits at our expense because of the way this has gone. It's totally outrageous.
. . .
Scoundrel (c. 1970)
     The Board of Supervisors should immediately meet and take the extraordinary step of issuing a public reprimand of Williams along with a press conference vetting all of the information they have about Williams' conduct as well as the deal that was struck (from which Williams' is now trying to extricate himself).
. . .
     For now, it's hard for me to decide whether to be angry with Williams, or just pity him. The one thing I do know is that I am embarrassed for all of us here in the County of Orange.


Anonymous said...

oooh, to be called a "scoundrel" by the like of Jon Fleischman! Ouch. What accolades did our fair district shower on John Williams on the occasion of his resignation?

Anonymous said...

Williams was an embarrassment a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Pot. Kettle.

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