Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vern’s account is well worth reading

     In today’s OC Blog, our pal Vern Nelson offers the best coverage yet of yesterday’s hearing regarding former OC Public Administrator (and former SOCCCD trustee) John Williams: John Williams Agonistes.
     Here’s a little bit of it:
   …So I walked up and introduced myself, shook his hand. “Ah Vern Nelson” – yes he had read all my stuff lambasting him over the last two years. I wished him good luck with whatever comes next in his life, we kind of agreed that there are different sides to every story, and he eventually told me a couple things he thought I should know (to which there happen to be good counter-arguments by the way) – he says the two famous “scathing grand jury reports” on him had been retracted because of their “faulty methodology” – and he insisted he WANTS the new “Colantuono report” to come out because supposedly it vindicates him. (No it doesn’t.)
Barely one
   But the burning question he refused to answer, … was WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING SO HARD TO KEEP THIS JOB? Why can’t you go out with a little dignity? You’re sixty, you’ve got three pensions to get you through your retirement, your family’s in Florida, you’re obviously out of your depth, EVERYONE says you’ve been doing a horrible job, even your bible-thumping former friends like John Moorlach have turned against you, but you just keep fighting to stay on. Is it just because staying on a little longer might make your pension a little higher? Or is Phil Greer dragging you along for a little more loot?

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