Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Samantha Brown shoots Anthony Bourdain with "Paula"

Deceptively perky
     Edwin Goei’s post yesterday on the OC Weekly’s Stick a Fork In It blog includes a YouTube video: a hilarious scene from Anthony Bourdain’s recent holiday show. It’s a bit of fake film noire featuring Bourdain, playing himself, I guess, and Travel Channel colleague Samantha Brown, playing a “cat lady” living "down the hall."
     Despite my vegetarianism, I am a fan, I guess, both of Brown’s perkiness (which, I'm sure, disguises complexity and darkness) and Bourdain’s edginess (which, I'm convinced, disguises simplicity and a love of Cher), and so, well, I love it:


Bohrstein said...

Holy crap, I read the title and had a small sense of panic. I don't know who Samantha Brown is, so I was just thinking "Oh no, someone shot Bourdain!"

Glad it's just humor.


Anonymous said...

Not even funny.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it pretty much!

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