Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Drinking study funded at OCC

Orange Coast College gets $220,000 grant for alcohol project (OC Reg)

     Orange Coast College received a $220,000 grant from the Orange Count Health Care Agency to fund a campus-wide study of student drinking habits.
     The study also aims to reduce underage and high-risk drinking among the student population, with an emphasis on DUI enforcement.
     Similar studies have been conducted at four-year universities, but not much is known about the drinking habits of community college students, said Sylvia Worden, associate dean of student health services, in a statement.
     "No one really knows about alcohol use in community college. We expect to find out a lot," she said. "Our students don't live in dorms and don't participate in the Greek system. It's very different."
. . .
You know what they say about OCC
     The OCC community has experienced two DUI-related tragedies in as many years, prompting campus leaders to address the issues of underage and high-risk drinking, according to the college's grant proposal.
. . .
     The program will target new or inexperienced drinkers, who are most likely to respond to interventions, according to the grant proposal. The college will also identify sources of alcohol for new and inexperienced drinkers, as well as where they drink and driving distances, and enact a high-visibility DUI enforcement project….


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they ought to be doing a study on drinking orange juice?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should do a study like this at IVC. Any time I've had to cut through that new BST building, l've noticed many students passed out on those benches in the lobby. Perhaps campus police should roust them and tell them to get moving along.

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