Monday, December 12, 2011

North blimp hanger to be saved? Et cetera

     LOOKS LIKE the north hangar of the old Tustin base might be saved after all.
     According to this morning’s OC Reg (County has plans for north blimp hangar), “OC Parks Director Mark Denny will be presenting a concept plan outlining a future for the north hangar during an Orange County Parks Commission meeting in January.”
     It’ll become a park:
Denny said the county is looking at creating a park on the 85 acre site with space for parking, grass, picnic shelters, exercise space, a trail and possibly a lake. The park also should preserve the historic nature of the site, he said.
     Meanwhile, the southern hanger is still slated for destruction.
     Some of the buildings near the north hanger might be preserved as well.
     A firm was hired back in 2010 “to create a conceptual site plan, technical and cost analysis related to development of the former base site.” Tait and Associates is one of trustee Fuentes’ old employers. Yeah.
     The good old SOCCCD gets a mention:
Empty space across the county fence could also become a future 40-acre high school site adjacent to another city park. In another spot, land sits waiting for the South Orange County Community College District's Advanced Technology and Education Park and a 5-acre animal shelter.
• Catholic League Bashes Gustavo for Pedo-Priest Articles; Gustavo Responds! (Navel Gazing)
• Let's make textbooks affordable (LA Times)
• Cal State campuses overwhelmed by remedial needs (Contra Costa Times)
     Wracked with frustration over the state's legions of unprepared high school graduates, the California State University system next summer will force freshmen with remedial needs to brush up on math or English before arriving on campus.

Our pal G spotted recently jogging in O'Neill Park
• Of Hume and Bondage (New York Times)
• Detailing the For-Profit Lobbying Campaign (Inside Higher Ed)
     The successful lobbying campaign by for-profit higher education to scale back the Obama administration's "gainful employment" regulations is no secret, but an article Saturday in The New York Times provided an in-depth look at the effort:
  • For-profit colleges and associations spent more than $16 million on lobbying, with much of the money going to Democrats with ties to the White House.
  • The biggest spender in the lobbying effort was The Washington Post Company, owner of Kaplan University ($1.71 million), followed by the Coalition for Educational Success ($1.65 million), Career Education Corporation ($1.60 million), the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities [Devry, ITT, National, Kaplan, etc.]  ($1.45 million), and the Apollo Group [University of Phoenix] ($1.43 million).
• Key Congressman Begins Inquiry Into Executive Pay at For-Profit Colleges (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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