Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amy Ahearn update

     I’m afraid the news isn’t particularly positive concerning missing Saddleback instructor Amy Ahearn.
     For (arguably) the latest developments, check out Frank Mickadeit’s column this evening: Saddleback professor goes missing.
     Mickadeit has more details about Ahearn's possible condition. She has been missing for quite some time now. Her case—and photo—are increasingly in the news, and yet there seem to be no leads about her fate or whereabouts.


Anonymous said...

How did the district handle these developments in her behavior? How did the department? God forbid something like this would happen to anyone of us but I wonder if they tried any kind of intervention? Here's a real issue for Glen's task force.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a district responsibility necessarily but it certainly is a human one.

There should be some kind of policy that addresses this kind of event.

I am sure her colleagues were overwhelmed and confused by this.

Yes, here is a real issue for Glen's working group.

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