Monday, September 26, 2011

Derek Reeve, plagiarist? (He's toast)

     —Two recent developments re Derek Reeve, the Saddleback College adjunct and SJC City Councilman who mirthfully informed the people of SJC that he had named one of his dogs "Muhammad."
     You'll recall that that action yielded the fellow much attention plus the designation "pinhead" from Bill O'Reilly.
     Now, the two developments:

1. Poll: No apology needed for Muhammad dog comment (OC Reg)
77% of 481 respondents to a Register online poll don’t think San Juan Capistrano Councilman Derek Reeve should apologize for his public remarks about naming his dog after the Muslim prophet. 
     Yeah, whatever. Reg readers are living up to their reputation.

2Jenna Chandler of the San Juan Capistrano Patch weighs in with this: Did City Councilman Plagiarize?
     San Juan Capistrano Councilman Derek Reeve has published essays that are virtually identical to the words of other writers.
     He helps run the city, lectures at local colleges and practices law, but for the past few months, San Juan Capistrano City Councilman Derek Reeve has also blogged on Patch, opining on local issues and promoting some of his government proposals.
     He stopped blogging earlier this month after Patch questioned him about dozens of passages that appear to be lifted from other publications, word for word and without attribution.
     In one case, an entire post submitted by Reeve matched content from other publications. In others, as much as two-thirds of Reeve's essays were a patchwork of paragraphs identical to material written by newspaper columnists and reporters for such publications as The Oregonian and The Hill.... (continued)
     Oh my.
     Chandler has details in her article. They're devastating. Check 'em out.
     Tea Partiers, in academia, plagiarism is a VERY SERIOUS SIN. I know you won't be able to understand that. Nevertheless, it's true.
     Reeve might have a future as a Tea Partier, since tea people have no standards and seem attracted to jerks and morons. But, unless Chandler is making all of this stuff up, as an academic, Reeve is now toast.


Anonymous said...

Will the Saddleback administration do anything about it though?

Anonymous said...

I hope someone at Saddleback is paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pretty egregious, pretty indefensible. I wonder if his sdteunts are following this debacle.

Anonymous said...

Know of anyone who can teach Poli Sci? I think Saddleback will need someone to step in and soon.

Anonymous said...

These things matter. Thanks for caring enough to bring them up.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll see what Saddleback has done or not done when the Spring schedule is posted in a few days, whether Reeve is on it or not....anyone want to place bets?

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